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Brand Story 

    AtivaFit brand is positioned to provide mass market consumers with affordable home grade sports and

fitness equipment and relevant advice to support their active lifestyle.


    We strive to bring these values to our customers: Freedom, Attitude, Confidence, and Energy (FACE)


    Our brand message is: Be Better You!


    We are committed to bring our customers the unique product experiences supported by reliable products, 

                                                         supportive information, and latest technology. We are confident in our commitments we have been working 

                                                         hard on product solutions for more than 20 years behind scenes for many important names,brands and retail-

                                                         ers alike. These names are Nautilus, Marcy, York, Everlast, Walmart Target Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sears, Argos,

                                                         Decathlon, Aldi, and Lidl.  Our product ranges include: Free Weights, Cardio Equipment, Functional training equ-

                                                        ipment, Yoga, fitness technology, outdoor activities as well as other products around active lifestyle.