Are You Running Right?

Not everyone has a gym membership. But we all run! 

The question is... are we running the right way?

Probably not. 

Set aside all the earnestness to debunk those conspiracy theories shrouding running anywhere - terrain, right gears, efficient diet, cardio V.S. weight training, check whether you are getting the basics right:



  1. Torso as pivotal point


Running is all about getting your body and limbs moving in the right direction. As the center to all these movements - the torso. 


That’s why so many trainings are so focused on CORE STRENGTH, namely torso strenghth. This is the part of your body which connects your upper and lower limbs and serves as the hinge, engine and buffer zone when they are involved in motions of different directions to keep balance. The stronger the core strength is, the more flexibility your limbs are enabled. The steadier the torso, the lower the risk of getting a sprained ankle or torn muscles. 


  1. Erect posture


One thing to remember before starting off: keep your posture straight. Yes, you have seen professional athletes use an inclined body position to get ahead of the finishing line but they only do so to get the gold medal, only at the last minute!


Force at work when wringing a tower with both hands tallies with the mechanics of a runner's body: when swinging the arms, his upper limbs get moving in one direction resembling the force exerted on the towel by one of the hands, while the lower limbs moving in the opposite direction represent the force from the other hand on the towel.

In both cases, the key to stability - opposite forces aligned in a straight line. 


  1. Swing arms                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Frozen shoulders will most probably give you a painful neck and restrain the scope in which your arms can move. Try to relax your shoulders and swing the arms as far as you can or feel comfortable - the secret to keeping you balanced and moving in a straight line rather than zigzagging. 

It’s all about strength and buffering counterforce in the right way. And the extra bonus from swinging your arms? A toned waist line! 


  1. Lift up the knees


Arching the knees enables you run faster and healthier.

Why?  When shuffling your feet, it is the knee sockets - not so much as the muscles and soft tissues that soak up the recoil force sent back to the body when your feet hit the ground, which will be very stressful for the knee cap. 


It's similiar to when you didn’t stretch enough - your muscles and ligaments are not ready and supple enough to take over that much stress. So the golden rule always applies - spend enough time stretching and warming your body up. And then give your knee best angle to stride forward!


Now you know that $300 fancy pair of running shoes doesn’t matter that much. 

Have fun running, whether in the home or outdoors!  







 Get Moving!