Home Gym Set 6- 27.5Lbs Weight & Yoga Core Training
Home Gym Set 6- 27.5Lbs Weight & Yoga Core Training
Home Gym Set 6- 27.5Lbs Weight & Yoga Core Training
Home Gym Set 6- 27.5Lbs Weight & Yoga Core Training
Home Gym Set 6- 27.5Lbs Weight & Yoga Core Training
Home Gym Set 6- 27.5Lbs Weight & Yoga Core Training
Home Gym Set 6- 27.5Lbs Weight & Yoga Core Training
Home Gym Set 6- 27.5Lbs Weight & Yoga Core Training
Home Gym Set 6- 27.5Lbs Weight & Yoga Core Training
Home Gym Set 6- 27.5Lbs Weight & Yoga Core Training

Home Gym Set 6- 27.5Lbs Weight & Yoga Core Training

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Half Balance Ball
Yoga Wheel Set

Package Including:

2 X 27.5Lbs Adjustable Dumbbells Set

1 X Half Ballance Ball

1X 3Pcs Yoga Wheel Set

1X Free TPE Yoga Mat


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Item 1 : 27.5Lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Set

5 Weight Settings

One set of adjustable dumbbells replaces a full rack with 5 weight settings ranging from 2.5kg (5lbs) to 12.5kg (27.5lbs) in a shoebox sized space.

GlideTech Technology

Pull up and slide adjuster to your desired setting in one easy motion. The internal locks on the dumbbell tree holds a combo of plates securely in place.

Fit and Toned

Keep your arm, shoulder and leg muscles toned. The lower weight range of these dumbbels is not for building mass, but perfect for all types of fitness routines and tightening muscles.

Item 2 : Half balance ball

Strengthen Your Core

Simple yet effective, the half ball balancer is made for a variety of exercises that target and strengthen your core muscles.

Improve Balance

Resistence elastic bands help you improve your balance and tone your leg muscles. Low impact but high effect on posture.

Upper Body

Tone your arms, chest, and work out your stabilizer muscles without the need of any other equipment or weights.

Item 1 : 3pcs yoga wheel set

Safe Practice

Practice advanced positions and stretches with the yoga wheel to assist you in safe and gradual execution.

Diminsh Aches and Pains

Alleviate common aches and pains in your back, lumbar, and in the front of the body including the abdomen, chest, shoulders and hips.

Set of 3

Wheels in set of 3 for various levels of experience and a variety of stretches and new positions.

Item 1 : tpe YOGA MAT


Whether it's yoga to improve flexibility or pilates for strength, it starts by preparing an areas you feel comfortable and energized.


Marks to keep your body in proper alignment and create a foundation for safe practice to help you quickly and accurately improve.


The larger dimensions of 72" x 27" gives you more room to practive while still being lightweight and compact.


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Quick to switch weights,easy to use, Company stands behind product

So let me start off by saying the value for the money, and the ability on how easy it is to use make these dumbbells amazing. You only have to adjust one side not both sides and it's very quick and easy you can do it with one hand. I had the dumbbells for about one month and one of the plates started to stick when changing the pin. So I called the company and they sent me a brand new one free of charge. So far I'm happy then I will update later onUpdate: the weight mechanism got stuck contacted the seller abs she shipped me out a new one ! I'm very happy with this seller abs her service ! 5 stars


Great gift

I bought this as a gift for my mom. Money is a bit tight to afford a gym membership and we don't have enough space to store a rack of dumbbells. Instead of buying a gym membership ($50-$75/month), I got her these. It will be nice for her to do her workouts again. Especially at home when it is easier to find the time (no driving, parking, and worrying about getting home to our family). It is a lot heavier than I expected. I don't think she will use the highest two settings. With the money we save on the gym membership, I hope she will buy a 2nd dumbbell in a couple of months to have a set. I tried it and it is easy to adjust - move the dial to the setting you want. It does not take up much room and can be hidden behind the chair so it doesn't make the house too messy.I hope she will be happy with it.

Kaitlin R.

Such a convenient way of having a multiple dumbbells in 1!

I have never seen such a clever design for a dumbbell I guess system is what you would call it? This is sooo convenient! It is basically 5 to 6 dumbbells in 1 (And I say 5 to 6 because the bar itself is somewhat heavy which could be used as a starting point for some people) but it takes the space of just one! Depending of the exercise you can chose the amount of weight you want and if you need more or less just place the dumbbell into its "dock" and either add or remove weight!

Ricardo R.

5 Dumbbells in 1. Saves space and money

I bought this adjustable dumbbell because I needed dumbbells of several different weights, and I have very limited space in which to store my fitness equipment. I also saved quite a bit of money compared to buying individual dumbbells. The weights on this dumbbell are in kilograms, which can easily be converted to pounds by multiplying by 2.2. Hence, it is adjustable from 2.5 - 12.5 kg, or 5.5 - 27.5 pounds (5.5, 11, 16.5, 22, and 27.5 pounds). It is easy to adjust�� Just pull up, slide to desired weight, and release.This dumbbell is very well-made. The finish on the individual weights seems durable. The metal handle is covered by a textured rubber grip, which is quite effective in preventing slippage and reducing hand fatigue. I feel like I don't have to grip it as tightly as some of the dumbbells that I have used before. The plastic tray is actually quite thick and aside from some scuffs here and there, I think it will last indefinitely.As with most adjustable dumbbells, the weights do wobble ever so slightly, which is to be expected since they are not welded to the dumbbell. I can say that this doesn't affect my lifting at all. It still feels solid and allows me to have complete control over my lifting. I will be ordering another adjustable dumbbell soon.


Best adjustable dumbbells available

These are my fourth adjustable dumbbells I have owned, and these are by far the best. They are comfortable to use because the handle is well cushioned and wide enough for a man's hands. My wife likes the feel too, so these are perfect for everyone. The weight adjustment is simple, effective and fast. So my wife and I can share these as changing the weights is so trivial.I have no complaints but note that with every lift of the dumbbell, you hear a clicking sound as the weight shifts. This is true for all the adjustable dumbbells I have used and it no longer bothers me. But it may bother some, and if so, you should not buy any of these adjustable dumbbells except for the ones you remove the end cap and add or remove the weights. Those do not make noise at all. But you are giving up the convenience and speed of changing the weights quickly.This is the best buy I have made on ativaifit in two years. I could not be happier.


Workout bench

Love it have been using it everyday.

Barbara C.
United States United States

Home gym essential

Very good quality and handy piece of equipment

Jana B.

Nice product!

I have had it for awhile now, it is very good saving me going to classes.It is a fancy good looking half ball balance trainer, I love it so much, feel special when using it too lol,There manual pump came with it a bit old fashioned but worked well.It take up some room when lying on the floor , so I would left it up to lean on side way to save some space.It is so easy to use, it came with elastic hand pull but I did not use it. But if u need you see hook on easily see photos 3 you can see there is a hook there, that's where you hook the elastic hand pull.If you like my photos please click �?Helpful�?to support me Thank you


Beginner friendly & keeps up with your abilities!

My friend recommended this to step up my workouts, I was a little scared but it was easy to get used to it. Easy to set up and can put away quickly if wanted! You're also able to take on alot of exercises and also use it to stretch or just lay on for back support. With the firmness and bands being adjustable you are able to take on anything with this!

Isidra V.

Love it

Impressed by the quality. Easy to setup. Really happy with this purchase


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