3 Healthy Burger Recipes You Must Try

Oh wow, I love eating burgers! I mean who doesn’t like a hamburger. It can be a tasty, refueling, and filling meal but regarded as a junk food. But what if we told you that these burgers could be healthy as well? Here, we have curated a list of healthy and tasty burger recipes you can try out at your next house party or the weekend to flaunt your culinary skills.

Some Tips for Making Healthy Burgers

  • Put some extra veggies in your meat for a more filling serving size
  • You can also try vegetarian options like chickpeas and lentils instead of meat for the juicy patty
  • Try grilling your burgers to reduce the amount of fat required
  • Instead of cheese, you can use homemade ketchup, pickled onions, and other herbs for that tinge of taste
  • Instead of packing your burgers with fat-filled fried patties, you can grill or bake your patties in the oven

Let's get started and discuss healthy hamburger recipes that you can’t afford to miss at any cost!

1. Chickpea Rice Burger

Chickpea Burger
Photo: Youtube@Connoisseurus Veg
  • Place your half of the chickpeas into the processor and blend it into a smooth mix
  • Scrape the sides of the processor and again blend it. Now add the remaining chickpeas, egg, harissa, garlic, flour, and salt as per taste
  • Blend this mixture again to form a paste-like consistency
  • Take the blended mixture out on a plate and add carrots with rice to it
  • Mix well all the ingredients and form burger patties from it
  • Saute your patties or grill them instead of frying them in oil
  • Assemble the mixture on the buns with your favorite sauces, lettuce, sliced tomatos, and grill the burgers for a crunchier taste

2. Zucchini Turkey Burgers

These are simple, easy-to-make, delicious burgers and will make your guests go wow the next time you invite them for a quick brunch

Zucchini Turkey Burgers
  • Add ground turkey to a medium-sized bowl and mix it well with garlic and grated zucchini. Zucchini serves as a miracle ingredient as it adds taste and keeps the food moist for a more extended period, and has its nutritional benefits too
  • For flavor, add cumin, salt, and other spices 
  • Mix all the ingredients well and shape them into patties. Try grilling the patties instead of frying them
  • Pro tip- shape your patties a litter wider than the buns as they tend to shrink a bit while cooking
  • Add the cooked patties to the burger and put your favorite sauces with veggies of your choice to make the burger more fiber-rich

3. No Bun Burger

Are you looking to cut down the carbs intake and still want to enjoy the taste of a burger? We have got you covered on this. Try the no bun burger that will help you relish the taste of a burger without worrying about the carbs intake.

No Bun Burger
Photo: Youtube@The Protein Chef
  • Add ground meat and chopped onions and carrort in a bowl. Mix them well and form shapes of small patties
  • Grill the patties in the oven
  • On a pan, saute one large brown onion till brown
  • Now on lettuce cups, add the patties with sauteed brown onions and tomatos
  • Garnish them with the sauces of your choice and enjoy the no bun burgers without any guilt


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