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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products
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88 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set | DT118888 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set | DT1188
Sale priceFrom $299.99 Regular price$399.99
88 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set | DT1188
In stock, 145 units
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66 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set | DT116666 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set | DT1166
Sale price$399.99 Regular price$599.98
66 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set | DT1166
In stock
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55 Lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Set (Pair)55 Lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Set (Pair)
Sale price$359.99 Regular price$539.99
55 Lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Set (Pair)
In stock, 16 units
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27.5 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set | GT52827.5 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set | GT528
Sale price$169.99 Regular price$199.98
27.5 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set | GT528
Sold out
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Home Workout Dumbbell StandHome Workout Dumbbell Stand
Sale price$103.99 Regular price$129.99
Home Workout Dumbbell Stand
In stock, 450 units
Upgraded Multi-purpose Home Workout BenchUpgraded Multi-purpose Home Workout Bench
Sale price$129.99
Upgraded Multi-purpose Home Workout Bench
In stock, 12 units

Ativafit Adjustable Dumbbell Showdown: Find Your Perfect Match

Ready to Level Up Your Training? Compare, select, and embrace the future of fitness with Ativafit. Find the dumbbell set that’s tailored to your workout needs and goals.
Weight Range
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Package Weight
Material and Construction
Handle Design
Adjustment Mechanism
Target User Group
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55 Lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Set (Pair)
5.5 - 55 lbs
15.7"L x 7.4"W x 7.4"H
62.4 lbs (for single dumbbell), 124.8lbs (total for set)
Durable materials, Glide Tech system
Ergonomic, non-slip grip
Glide Tech
$359.99 (a pair)
Beginners, home toning
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DT1166 66LBS Dumbbell Set
11 - 66 lbs
16.2"L x 7.2"W x 7.2"H
145 lbs (total for set)
Sturdy build, Dial Tech system
Premium grip, ergonomic design
Dial Tech
$399.99 (a pair)
General fitness, multi-purpose use
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DT1188 88LBS Dumbbell Set
11 - 88 lbs
16.2"L x 8"W x 8"H
99 lbs (for single dumbbell), 188lbs (total for set)
Reinforced design, Dial Tech system
Premium grip, ergonomic design
Dial Tech
$299.99 (single) / $599.99 (a pair)
Advanced training, pro-level workouts
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Real Gains, Real Feedback

From seasoned lifters to workout newbies, our community is feeling stronger every day. Dive into their stories and see why Ativafit is their go-to for home fitness.

Compact Powerhouse for the Fitness Starter
I'm all thumbs when it comes to gym equipment, but these dumbbells? Perfect for my tiny studio and just the right weight range to get me going. The easy grip means I can binge-watch my shows and get a grip on fitness at the same time. Plus, switching weights is easier than changing TV channels!
Space-Saving and Sweat-Inducing!
I replaced a messy pile of weights with these sleek dumbbells and haven't looked back. The transition between weights is smooth, making my morning workout routine a breeze. The non-slip grip is a lifesaver for those of us with butterfingers, especially during those high-rep sets.
Toning Made Simple and Effective
As a busy mom, these have been a fantastic addition to my at-home gym. I can quickly adjust the weight between my cardio and strength training. They're like the Swiss Army knife of dumbbells – compact, reliable, and incredibly versatile.
The Fitness Enthusiast's Dream Set
These dumbbells are like my loyal workout buddy – always ready for the next challenge. The weight range is perfect for my growing strength, and the Dial Tech system feels futuristic. It's like having a whole rack of weights without sacrificing my living room space.
From Light Lifts to Heavy Hits with Ease
From Pilates to powerlifting, these dumbbells have seen me through. The premium grip keeps my hands from cramping, and the sturdy build gives me the confidence to go for that extra rep. Plus, they're the centerpiece of my garage-turned-gym!
Sturdy, Swift, and Seriously Versatile
I never knew I could be enthusiastic about dumbbells until I got these. The easy-to-change weights make me more likely to mix up my exercises, and they're tough as nails – important for someone as clumsy as me.
The Professional's Pick for Progressive Training
As a personal trainer, I've seen it all, but these dumbbells impress me every time. They withstand the daily grind and the weight range is spot-on for advanced clients. They're the only dumbbells I need for a full spectrum of workouts.
Built Like a Tank, Moves Like a Race Car
They say you can't have it all, but with these dumbbells, I beg to differ. They've got the sturdiness to endure my most grueling workouts and the finesse for rapid weight changes. And the ergonomic design? Chef's kiss.
Versatile and Space-Saving Powerhouse
As a fitness enthusiast with limited space, these Ativafit adjustable dumbbells have been a game-changer. The compact design and versatile weight range allow me to pack a full-body workout into my small home gym. The secure dial system ensures easy and precise weight adjustments, even during my most intense sessions.
Streamlined Strength Training for the Busy Bee
I'm always on the go, but these Ativafit adjustable dumbbells have simplified my strength training routine. The smooth transition between weight settings makes it a breeze to switch between exercises, allowing me to maximize my workout time.
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FAQ Guide Your Ativafit Experience

1. What does the Liberty Insurance coverage entail for Ativafit dumbbells?
We've got your back! In partnership with Liberty Insurance, we provide coverage for injuries resulting from product faults or malfunctions during your workouts, up to $4 million. This coverage is exclusive to dumbbells purchased directly from the Ativafit website, ensuring peace of mind as you pursue your fitness goals.
2. Are Ativafit dumbbells safety-tested or certified?
Absolutely! Your safety is our top priority. Our dumbbells have undergone rigorous safety testing and have earned ISO certifications, reflecting our commitment to high-quality, reliable, and safe fitness equipment. Train with confidence, knowing that Ativafit stands for excellence and safety in fitness gear.
3. How can I adjust the weight settings on my Ativafit adjustable dumbbells?
Adjusting the weight on your Ativafit dumbbells is designed to be quick and user-friendly. For models with the Glide Tech system, simply hold the dumbbell in the dock, and slide the adjustment handle to your desired weight setting, ensuring it clicks into place. For Dial Tech models, turn the dial at the end of the dumbbell until it aligns with the weight you wish to select. Lift the dumbbell gently to ensure the selected weights are securely attached.
4. What steps should I take to maintain my Ativafit dumbbells and keep them in optimal condition?
Proper maintenance will extend the life of your dumbbells and ensure they remain safe and reliable for each workout. Follow these tips: - Clean Regularly: Wipe your dumbbells down with a damp cloth after each use to remove sweat and grime. Avoid harsh chemicals; mild soap and water are sufficient. - Storage: Store your dumbbells in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to prevent wear and damage to the materials. - Inspect Regularly: Before each use, check that the weight adjustment mechanisms are functioning correctly and that all components are secure. - Avoid Moisture: Keep your dumbbells away from water or moisture exposure, as this can lead to rust or corrosion over time. - Handle with Care: Avoid dropping or throwing your dumbbells, as this can damage the adjustment mechanism and the weights themselves.
5. What makes Ativafit adjustable dumbbells stand out from other fitness equipment?
Ativafit adjustable dumbbells are designed with versatility, space efficiency, and user convenience in mind. Our innovative adjustment mechanisms, like Glide Tech and Dial Tech, allow for seamless weight transitions, making them suitable for a wide range of exercises and fitness levels. The compact design replaces the need for multiple sets of traditional dumbbells, saving space in your home gym without compromising on the quality or variety of your workouts.
6. Are Ativafit adjustable dumbbells suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! Ativafit adjustable dumbbells are ideal for individuals at any fitness level, including beginners. The adjustable nature allows you to start with lighter weights and gradually increase as your strength and confidence grow, making them a versatile and long-term investment in your fitness journey.
7. Can I use Ativafit dumbbells for all types of workouts?
Yes, Ativafit dumbbells are designed for a wide range of exercises and workout styles, from strength training and bodybuilding to functional fitness and rehabilitation exercises. Their adjustable nature allows for targeted workouts across various muscle groups, making them a flexible addition to any fitness regimen.
8. Choosing the right Ativafit adjustable dumbbell set for you:
- Consider your fitness level, workout goals, and the types of exercises you plan to do when choosing an adjustable dumbbell set. - Beginners: The GT528 set is a good option with a lighter weight range and an easy-to-use adjustment mechanism. - General fitness: The DT1166 set offers a wider weight range and is suitable for a variety of exercises. - Advanced training: The DT1188 set is ideal for those who want heavier weights for challenging workouts.
9. What are the advantages of adjustable dumbbells over fixed dumbbells?
Adjustable dumbbells allow you to change the weight in small adjustment increments to target specific muscle groups and create a more challenging resistance training experience. This eliminates the need to purchase a full set of standard dumbbells and provides a greater variety of weight options. They're also ideal for experienced lifters who want to progress quickly or those who have limited space, as you can adjust the weight without having to store additional plates.
10. Are Ativafit dumbbells a great choice for my fitness goals?
Absolutely! Ativafit adjustable dumbbells are a great choice for various fitness levels and goals, whether you're looking to lose fat, get toned, or bulk up. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of exercises, from deadlifts to curls.
11. What is the minimum weight I can set on Ativafit dumbbells?
The minimum weight setting on Ativafit dumbbells typically starts at 5.5 lbs. This low starting point is ideal for beginners and allows for gradual progress as your strength increases.
12. Can I perform deadlifts with Ativafit adjustable dumbbells?
Yes, Ativafit adjustable dumbbells are perfect for deadlifts and other strength-training exercises. Their sturdy construction and ergonomic design provide the support and grip you need for such movements.
13. I'm short on space but want a full-body workout. Are Ativafit dumbbells right for me?
Absolutely! That's where Ativafit truly shines. Our adjustable dumbbells replace an entire rack of weight plates and traditional dumbbells, saving you precious space without compromising on your workout. With a single pair of Ativafit dumbbells and a few simple adjustments, you can go from bicep curls to heavy presses in seconds.
14. How durable are Ativafit adjustable dumbbells? Will they hold up to my toughest workouts?
We understand that durability is key. That's why Ativafit dumbbells are crafted from high-quality steel and built to last. The weight plates lock securely in place, so you can focus on your lifting without worrying about slippage. Our dumbbells are designed to withstand even the most intense home workouts, giving you peace of mind and a solid choice for your fitness investment.
15. I've never used adjustable dumbbells before. Are they complicated?
Not at all! Ativafit dumbbells are incredibly user-friendly. Our innovative dials or twist mechanisms make weight adjustments a breeze. Simply select your desired weight, and you're ready to go! No more time-consuming plate changes or struggling with clunky collars.
16. What's the difference between Glide Tech and Dial Tech?
Both Glide Tech and Dial Tech offer quick and secure weight changes. With Glide Tech, you smoothly slide the handle along the bar to your desired weight, while Dial Tech allows you to quickly twist a dial to select your preferred weight. Both systems are designed for ease of use and reliability.
17. I'm concerned about grip comfort. What are Ativafit handles like?
We wouldn't want your grip to hold you back! Ativafit dumbbells feature ergonomically designed handles with a comfortable grip. The contoured handle fits naturally in your hand, reducing strain and allowing you to lift comfortably and confidently, even at maximum weight.
18. I'm new to weightlifting. Can I still use Ativafit dumbbells?
Absolutely! Ativafit adjustable dumbbells are perfect for all fitness levels. Start with a lower weight and gradually increase as you get stronger. Our dumbbells offer a wide range of weight options to grow with you on your fitness journey, making them a smart investment for long-term fitness success.
19. How do Ativafit dumbbells compare to Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells?
Both are great options, but Ativafit dumbbells offer exceptional value and innovative features. We're confident that our combination of quality, durability, and user-friendly design makes Ativafit the best adjustable dumbbells on the market. Plus, our commitment to core home fitness and customer satisfaction sets us apart.
20. Ativafit Personalized Plan Quick Registration
Welcome to the first step in your Ativafit personalized journey! By providing some basic information, you're on your way to getting a fitness and nutrition plan tailored just for you. Please fill out this quick registration form, and our team will be in touch to dive deeper into your lifestyle and workout habits, ensuring a detailed and specific plan is crafted to meet your needs.

Ativafit Personalized Plan Quick Registration

Welcome to the first step in your Ativafit personalized journey! By providing some basic information, you're on your way to getting a fitness and nutrition plan tailored just for you. Please fill out this quick registration form, and our team will be in touch to dive deeper into your lifestyle and workout habits, ensuring a detailed and specific plan is crafted to meet your needs.

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