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Most people will have a fitness journey oriented by one or more of these categories. What will your fitness journey be?

Flexibility & Mobility

Muscle & Strength

Cardio & Endurance

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Great adjustable weights they are great with one side pin quick adjustment.

Merton M.

It's sturdy, easy to assemble, and has tight flexibility that enhances the bouncing exercise.

Jannette E.

I live in an apartment and this bike works great for small spaces. Easy to pull out and open up for a workout.

Jessica F.

I guess you'd have to drop them on concrete or throw them down to the ground to break them

Frank M.


Our DialTech and GlideTech series were designed for different types of workout. Find the one fits what you’re looking for.

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Featured strength training Set

Regular strength training is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. The dumbbells and a stand set could help you avoid picking and dropping dumbbells from the floor, thereby decreasing the risk of a back injury!

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