60" Trampoline Rebounder | Skyburst

Leap from cloud to cloud at home, big smiles guaranteed!

Color: Skybursst - Blue & Orange
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Key Features
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Ocean ball For 1-2-year-old baby and toddler, relax for leisure time.
Basketball hoop For 2-4 years old, gain unlimited joy and develop motor skills with it!
Dart Board with Sticky Balls For 4-8 years old, improve match skills and hand-eye coordination.


Once upon a time in the magical land of Skyburst, there lived a group of adventurous children who discovered a hidden trampoline nestled among the clouds. The trampoline's vibrant blue surface shimmered like the sky, while its sunshine yellow springs gleamed brightly. Every time the children bounced on the trampoline, they soared high into the heavens, feeling the wind in their hair and the sun on their faces. Together, they embarked on thrilling journeys, leaping from cloud to cloud and exploring the wonders of the sky. With each bounce, they felt a burst of joy and excitement, knowing that their imaginations had no limits in the enchanting world of Skyburst.

Ativafit 60" Trampoline for Kids: Safe, Durable Fun for Every Jump

Trampoline for Kids Age 1-8 with Enclosed Net, Foam Pad

Peak Safety, Max Fun:

Our Ativafit trampoline goes above and beyond with a 39-inch high-enclosure safety net, ensuring jumpers are secure from falls. Enhanced with a padded frame and no-gap design, it minimizes risks, making every bounce safe and worry-free.

Built to Last:

Crafted with 36 high-quality springs, premium alloy steel and a three-layer, environmentally friendly safety pad, our trampoline withstands the elements and frequent use. Its durability is unmatched, providing endless fun for years to come.

Easy get in and out, Generous Jumping Space:

The spacious 5-foot diameter and sturdy construction allow for up to 110 pounds of weight, making it perfect for children and pets to enjoy together. The wide arched doorway ensures easy entry and exit, for small adults.

Hassle-Free Assembly:

With clear instructions and an intuitive design, setting up your new trampoline is a breeze. Plus, it’s just as easy to disassemble for storage, making it the ideal choice for seasonal fun.

Designed for Every Kid:

This trampoline is suitable for children ages 1 and up, ensuring a safe and enjoyable interaction experience for the whole family.

Exceptional Value:

For children with sensory processing needs, the trampoline can provide a safe and calming environment for proprioceptive input and vestibular stimulation.

Promotes Healthy Growth:

High-quality and harmless guarantee: Every Ativaft trampoline has been carefully inspected and thoroughly tested before getting to you.

Suitable Age Range
Weight Capacity
Enclosure Net
Safety Padding
Additional Features
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Skyburst 60" Trampoline
60 inches (5FT) with Enclosure Net
1-8 years old
50KG (110 lbs)
- 39 inches high, suitable for children of different heights- External net, increasing internal space- Encrypted, soft, and durable net - Arched door for easy entry and secure closure
- Integrated spring and pad design for safer bouncing - Thick internal cotton padding for protection against springs- PVC material for easy cleaning
- Thickened steel tubes for stability- Anti-slip foot pads for silence and slip resistance - Screw-free, click-together installation
- Custom dartboard with 10 balls- High-quality basketball hoop + 1 ball suitable for one-handed grip by kids- 20 ocean balls + special storage net bag
Not applicable
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Skyburst Mini 36" Trampoline
36 inches with bar
2-6 years old
25KG (55 lbs)
Not specified
Not applicable
Integrated elastic bands and pad design, specially for kids' safety
- Anti-slip foot pads- Not specified if foldable or the assembly method
Not applicable
- Tear-resistant foam handle - Safe, chemically tested materials- Handlebar locked with the trampoline disc for stability and larger jumping area- Foldable for easy storage

Ativafit 60" Trampoline Assembly Guide: Jump In No Time!

Get ready for bouncing fun in just 30-40 minutes with this simplified Ativafit 60" Trampoline assembly guide!

Accessories list


Frame Assembly

Position the trampoline frame with the green indicators on the cross pipe facing upwards, ensuring the holes on the pipe face inward for correct alignment.

Leg Tube Attachment

For an easier setup, flip the frame upside down. This will simplify the process of attaching the frame leg tubes.

Jump Mat Installation

Begin by attaching springs diagonally across the cross pipe, then evenly install the remaining springs around the mat for balanced tension.

Spring Installation

Utilize the drag hook provided to lift and securely attach each spring.

Safety Pad Installation

Align the holes in the safety pad with the cross pipes and secure them using the elastic hooks to cover the springs thoroughly.

Support Rods Setup

Insert the end of each support rod (with the silver buckle facing downwards) into the cross pipes to build the net framework.

Safety Net Assembly

Elevate the safety net to its highest possible height to facilitate sliding it onto the last rod easily. Then, lower the safety net and secure its base using hooks.

Toy Accessories Installation

When setting up the basketball rack, remember to remove the protective head from the support rod prior to installation for a seamless fit.

Details & Specs:

‎Orange and Blue
Frame Size:
‎5 Feet
Pad Type:
‎Foam Handle Bar
Product Dimensions:
‎60"L x 60"W x 51"H
Frame Material:
‎Alloy Steel
Item Weight:
‎33.9 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation:
‎110 Pounds
Number of Springs:
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H:
‎40.2 x 12.25 x 7.8 inches
Package Weight:
‎15.38 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH:
‎60 x 60 x 51 inches
Suggested Users:
Included Components:
‎Basketball Hoop Dartboard, Trampoline, Ocean Ball
60 inch

Real Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Easy Assembly, Safe Design, and Endless Jumping Fun.

Fun for All Ages
Best $100 ever spent! Keeps my 2.5-year-old entertained for hours, even doubles as a fort! Great safety features, sturdy build, and easy assembly. Buy it!
Perfect for Toddlers
Assembled easily in 30 minutes! My autistic son loves it for sensory regulation before bed. Great size for toddlers, sturdy, and safe. Highly recommend!
Excellent Customer Service
My 22-month-old son loves it! Well-built, safe, and the company replaced a broken basketball hoop quickly and without hassle. Great product and service!
Family Fun & Easy Setup
Wife even set it up easily! Perfect for tiring out the kids and giving parents a break. Wish the enclosure were taller, but overall excellent!
Sturdy & Spacious for Indoor Use
Easy 30-minute assembly! Perfect size for my 4-year-old now, even for somersaults. Sturdy enough for indoor use and great for burning energy on bad weather days. Recommend!
Easy Assembly & Strong Build
Simple assembly, strong construction. Great buy!
Read All Reviews
Bounce Your Way to Fun:

Transform your living room or playroom into a bouncing paradise! The Ativafit 60" Trampoline is the perfect size for indoor use, providing hours of active and imaginative play for kids. Jumping on the trampoline helps build strong muscles and bones, promoting healthy development in growing children. Mastering jumps and tricks on the trampoline builds confidence and a sense of accomplishment in young children. Create lasting memories with family game nights that involve bouncing games and friendly competitions. The trampoline is a great way for the whole family to bond and get active together. Turn gloomy days into bouncing joy! Set up the trampoline indoors for safe and active play, even when the weather doesn't cooperate.

We love questions

1. What age range is the Ativafit 60" Trampoline suitable for?
The Ativafit trampoline is designed for children ages 1 to 8 years old, making it a perfect addition to family fun for young jumpers.
2. How much weight can the trampoline hold?
This trampoline supports a maximum weight of 110 pounds, accommodating kids and small adults alike for safe and enjoyable jumping sessions.
3. What safety features does the Ativafit trampoline include?
Key safety features include a high, 39-inch safety net, integrated spring pad to cover the springs, thick cotton padding for extra protection, and anti-slip pads on the legs for stability and noise reduction.
4. How durable is the trampoline?
Built with a sturdy frame, durable springs, and a weatherproof PVC cover, the Ativafit trampoline is crafted to last, providing endless entertainment through the seasons.
5. Is the trampoline easy to assemble?
Yes, with a click-together design and clear instructions, assembly is straightforward and requires no tools, making setup and disassembly quick and hassle-free.
6. Can it be used outdoors?
Absolutely! The trampoline's durable PVC material and weather-resistant design make it ideal for outdoor use, allowing kids to enjoy bouncing under the sun.
7. What accessories are included with the trampoline?
The trampoline comes with exciting bonus accessories, including a custom dartboard, a high-quality basketball hoop and ball, and 20 ocean balls with a storage bag for additional fun.
8. What warranty does the Ativafit trampoline come with?
Ativafit offers a comprehensive 1-year warranty covering all parts of the trampoline, ensuring your peace of mind and safeguarding your investment.
9. How is the Ativafit trampoline different from competitors?
The Ativafit 60" Trampoline stands out for its blend of safety, durability, generous jumping space, and exceptional value, all backed by a trusted warranty, making it a superior choice for families.

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