Spring Outdoor Activities: 9 Amazing Things to Celebrate with Your Family 

In the words of Robin Williams, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, let’s party”!

The season is perfect for enjoying the outdoors as much as possible and seeing nature at its best. Wondering which spring outdoor activities you can do this blooming season?

We’ve got you the best list. Let’s check out some fun and exciting activities you can try and make the most out of this season.  

1. Take a Stroll in Your Nearest Park 

To experience spring bloom at its best, take a stroll in your nearest park. You may witness all fresh blooms rejuvenated nature on the very first day of spring by taking a walk with your dear ones; sit at the grassy grounds and soak in the ecstatic beauty. 

A path in the park

2. Go Hiking 

The freezing winter has kept you away from activities like hiking for a long time but not anymore. Get those hiking shoes on and enjoy the pretty landscapes while you hike your way up. Also, make sure you do some cardio exercise at home so you won't feel out of breath during the long-way hiking.


3. Experience the Amazing National Cherry Blossom Festival 

Cherry blossoms are one of the most gorgeous signs of spring, so don't miss out on seeing them! You’ll be mesmerized by the pink blanket of new cherry blooms, which is beyond beautiful. 

If you are in the eastern US, give a visit to the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC, which is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year from Mar.20 to Apr. 17. You'll find many interesting events there, including cherry blossom biking tours and so on. 

National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C

Photo: FB@National Cherry Blossom Festival

4. Go Creative with those Easter Eggs 

One of the best spring outdoor activities is decorating easter eggs with your family. Call up your cousins, uncle, and aunts and put those crayons, dyes, and stickers to the best use. 

You can make your own easter baskets as well. We are sure you have lots of ice cream tubs, milk jars, tote bags lying in your house, so why not fill them with your color of imagination. 

Eater eggs

5. Flying Kites are Fun in Spring 

Get yourself a few kites and enjoy kite flying together with your friends or family. Flying kites are fun in spring as the sun is not too harsh, allowing you to stay outdoors longer. 

A family flying a kite

6. Go Camping 

Plan a weekend camping in your nearest campground with your friends. Grill some amazing food and enjoy your drinks while sitting by the bonfire. Don’t forget to carry your guitar and enjoy jamming under the starry skies. 


7. Show your Gardening Skills 

Get all messy with your little ones by plating your favorite flowers. Gather your gardening tools, fresh soil, and some pretty flower pots. If you want to be extra creative, paint those pots by yourself. 


8. Pick Seasonal Fruits 

Seasonal fruits like berries are all over during spring. Visit a berry farm or explore your nearby areas for berry hunting


9. See a Butterfly Conservatory 

See different butterfly species by visiting a butterfly conservatory this spring. We are sure you’ll love seeing those colorful butterflies hovering all around you. 


Wrapping Up 

Spring is all about renewed lives, fresh beginnings, and rejuvenated energy all around you. So why not enjoy this season with some fun outdoor activities? Do take notes from our list of things and have fun this coming spring!


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