Family Christmas Gifts

There are a few things that are as tough as picking out a perfect gift for the people you love and care about most when Christmas is coming. You know them better than anyone, so you want to get them something that’s going to make them happy, but at the same time, it can be hard to figure out exactly what they want and need in their lives. 

If you’re finding yourself in this spot this year (and let’s face it — there’s a good chance you are), then we have just the thing you need — there are so many great gift ideas listed in this article, it might make it easy to find something they’ll love.

#1 Ativafit 71.5lbs Adjustable Dumbbells Pulse Version

Ativafit 71.5lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Pulse Version

These amazing pair of adjustable dumbbells come in at 71.5lbs per hand and are perfect for someone who wants to quickly switch between lightweight and heavyweight routines throughout their workout. It's a simple, effective piece of equipment to get started on your fitness goals. The dumbbells are also solid and feel great when you're lifting them.

The Pulse Limited Version has an updated unique dial-based weight adjuster that allows you to change the weight of the weights with a simple turn of the dial. Ativafit has created a sturdy, high-quality, and durable dumbbell set that is easy to use and gives you an unmatchable smooth feel while lifting weights. 

Another striking attribute of the Pulse version is the vein-red highlight at the base and the handle, which stimulates bulging veins and swelling muscles, impelling people to strengthen their muscles and feel powerful from within. This product would make a great gift for anyone looking to take their fitness regime up another level without having to worry about spending thousands on machines or gym memberships.

#2 Ativafit R8 Foldable Exercise Bikes

Ativafit R8 Foldable Bike

Whether you’re looking for a gift for dad, a fitness challenge for mom, or something fun and healthy for your kids, check out Ativafit R8 foldable exercise bikes. They make it so easy to squeeze in a few minutes of exercise after work or before dinner without having to haul out any bulky equipment! Just fold ‘em up, pop ‘em in your closet (or under your bed), and get ready to ride. 

The metal frame is sturdy, the seat is surprisingly big and comfortable enough, which is a big plus. The Ativafit R8 exercise bike has a super range of 8 levels of resistance which makes it a great cardio machine to be used by people of all fitness levels. The resistance bands that come with the machine provide an upper body workout which is great for toning arms and shoulders.

#3 Hairdryers

Hair Dryer

Sweet witnesses your hard work on fitness, but also brings a problem: you always need to take a shower after exercise. Then, it comes to another problem that you will need to hold the hairdryer to deal with the wet but precious hair with your exhausted arms. That’s terrible! Therefore, a functional but light hairdryer is a must in your life. A hairdryer with specific technology will reduce damaging hot spots and leave your hair with a more natural texture. This results in super smooth, shiny locks! If you want salon-quality styling at home without breaking your budget and your arms, look no further than a feature-rich hairdryer.


Now is a great time to invest in your health and those you love by choosing fitness-focused gifts for family members. No matter what style or type of fitness gift you choose, remember that purchasing something like an adjustable weight set or an exercise bike will help ensure they stay on track all year long. With these choices, there is never an excuse to be lazy again.


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