8 Best Back Workouts With Dumbbells

There's no doubt that pull-ups and deadlifts are the best exercises to tone your back muscles. However, if you're a beginner and haven't done strength training before, jumping straight to these can lead to severe back pain, or worse, a back injury.  

So, before going hardcore, you can lay the foundation with simple yet effective dumbbell workouts at home. 

Keep reading to know what muscles to focus on to get that defined back, and the dumbbell exercises that can help you achieve it. 

What Back Muscles To Target To Get That Defined Back?

The muscles you need to focus on to get that perfectly beefy back are:

  1. Trapezius (Traps): It is one of the biggest and most significant muscles in the upper back. This trapezoid or diamond-shaped muscle is one of the few that helps you achieve that V-shaped muscular back. 
  2. Rhomboids: These small pairs of cylindrical muscles are located immediately under the traps. They play a major role in moving your shoulder blades. Therefore, it is crucial to keep them active to prevent unwanted upper back aches.  
  3. Latissimus dorsi (lats): This is a giant wing-shaped muscle that stretches from the upper back to the top part of our lower back. This makes it the ideal muscle to target if you want to widen your back. Working this muscle group is extremely important since it is considered the stability powerhouse of our entire system. It helps stabilize not only our back but also our neck, shoulders and hips. So, they are a significant part of our core. If the lats aren't built strong, you can get severe injuries. 
  4. Spinatus and Teres: Located in the upper back, these two muscle groups are crucial for your arm movement. They may be small in size, but they are super important to achieve that ripped back. Besides, avoiding them can lead to severe cramps and inflammation. 

Benefits Of Working Your Back With Dumbbells

A pair of dumbbells is all you need to start building a perfectly toned & strong back. They are:

  • Great for building strength and weight progression
  • Perfect for doing rows
  • Help to correct your body posture
  • Help you do good back workouts at home

    8 Best Dumbbell Workouts For that Muscular Back

    Exercises that combine weight training and power building are the key to building that defined back. Yet, beginners are not recommended to abruptly start with heavy-weight lifting and upper-body strength exercises (i.e., pull-ups).

    So here are the best dumbbell exercises to initiate your back-building journey. 

    1. Quadruped Single-arm Dumbbell Row

    This dumbbell exercise helps you achieve an overall strong back by strengthening your shoulders, upper arms, and core simultaneously.

    Quadruped Single-arm Dumbbell Row

    Get on the floor in a quadruped position. Take a dumbbell in one hand while the other stays on the ground. Now lift the dumbbell closer to your chest by bending your elbow and moving your upper arm backward. 

    Rember to start with a lighter weight and work your way up. 

    2. Wide Dumbbell Bent-over Row

    Besides being a great back workout, it helps core and hip stability. This dumbbell exercise especially targets the upper and middle back muscles like traps, spinatus, and rhomboids. So, it's great for building that V back. 

    Dumbbell Bent-over Row

    Keep your feet apart and bend your hips at a 45-degree angle while holding dumbbells in each hand. Now keeping your back straight and knees slightly bent, hang your arms. Now row the dumbbells up until your upper arm is parallel to the ground and return to the initial position. 

    3. Elevated Plank Row Hold

    This multi-purpose workout increases core and spine stability and targets the muscles of your upper and middle back

    Elevated Plank Row Hold

    Firstly, get in an elevated plank position. Make sure you're stable enough to manage the posture with one hand. Hold a dumbbell in the other hand and slowly row it up. Hold it for a couple of seconds and slowly bring it down.

    Remember to keep your back straight the entire time. 

    4. Single-arm Dumbbell Row

    This dumbbell workout is great for training your lats and mid-back. It helps you build an overall strong back. However, if done improperly, it can lead to lower back issues. 

    Single-arm Dumbbell Row

    Bend over and rest your one hand on a bench so that your back is neutral and almost parallel to the ground but a little tilted. Always keep your shoulders higher than your hip to keep the focus on the upper and middle back. 

    Now take a dumbbell in the suspended hand, row it up, and bring it down. 

    5. Renegade Dumbbell Row

    This intermediate-level dumbbell exercise works out your core, back, and quads. It stabilizes your abdomen and builds your middle back, chest, biceps, and triceps. 

    Renegade Dumbbell Row

    Begin with a full plank with dumbbells in hand and row the hands alternately. 

    6. Reverse Fly

    This workout improves your body posture while strengthening your back and shoulders. This also ensures that your body is ready to take up more difficult training and won't get injured. 

    Reverse Dumbbell Fly

    Start with adjusting the bench to a 45-degree angle against the floor. Chest down and stay against the back pad of the workout bench. Hold a pair of dumbbells out to the side and slightly bent arms at the elbows. While squeezing the shoulder blade, lift your arms up and out. Focus on the rhomboids, delts and lats

    7. Incline Pause Row

    Even if you have a spine injury, you can still do this one. This workout lets you lift weights without putting strain on your spine. In fact, the support helps you to lift heavier weights so you can easily focus on building strength and muscle. 

    Incline Pause Row

    Lay your chest flat on an inclined bench. Grip a dumbbell in one hand and naturally hang them down. Row the dumbbell up to your chest level and squeeze your lats and rhomboids. Hold a second and slowly lower down to the starting position.

    8. Dumbbell Pullover

    Known for being a great exercise for the chest, this also targets back and shoulder muscles. If your aim is to work on your lats, then you should try this. 

    Dumbbell Pullover

    Set a flat bench on your upper back. Extend the dumbbell over your head and then allow your arms to go behind you. Pause and then pull back to the starting position.

    For this exercise, you should never try to lift the heaviest weight. So choose one that is challenging yet allows you to do 10 to 20 reps. 

    Mistakes To Avoid When Working Out at Home with Dumbbells 

    • Understand your body and know your pain points before setting your routine. Don't believe in the concept of "one size fits all."
    • Always do warm-ups before jumping into workouts.
    • Remember to stretch before and after weightlifting. 
    • Use proper forms. Never curve your back while lifting weights. Always keep it straight and neutral. 
    • Strengthen your core to avoid lower back pain
    • Make a routine that targets different muscle groups. 


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