Adjustable Dumbbells Buying Guide - 5 Key Features to Look for

Versatile, portable, and minimal- adjustable dumbbells are a dream fit for a home gym. They let you adjust the weight as needed, as they come with changeable sets of weights.  One set of adjustable dumbbells saves you from using ten sets of fixed dumbbells.

And so, they are conveniently portable. Saving space and time, they add more momentum to your workout sessions. However, as convenient as they can be, buying a good adjustable dumbbell requires you to have some prior knowledge about them.

Let us deep dive into this adjustable dumbbell buying guide and venture through the indispensable features you need to check to buy the best adjustable dumbbells.

Why Choose Adjustable Dumbbells?

No gym setup is complete without dumbbells. Be it weight training or strength training, dumbbells are vital for core exercises. But Is it worth getting adjustable dumbbells? Should you buy adjustable dumbbells instead of a traditional dumbbell? The answer is yes. Here are the reasons why:


One key concern when building a home gym is the required space. Not everyone can afford to manage a vast space- especially if they are students or sharing tenants. So, buying bulky instruments becomes an obsoletes decision for them.

In such cases, adjustable dumbbells come to the rescue. Their space efficiency makes them the perfect choice for home gyms with limited space. You don’t need to make room or buy a rack to keep a dozen dumbbells. With adjustable dumbbells, you can fit them under a bed or table or push them in a corner with utter negligence. None gets hurt.


If you buy adjustable dumbbells for one reason, it should be their versatility. You can move them anywhere and engage with a wide weight range of workouts. It will be like moving with a whole rack of fixed dumbbells. But with much more comfort.

All the adjustable dumbbells allow you to engage in a variety of exercises and shift between them without effort. Press the pin, adjust the dial, get your desired dumbbell weights, and continue your workout session. Such simple steps can bring tremendous change to your workout routine.


The feature adjustable dumbbells are named after is their adjustability. Adjustable dumbbells let you switch among a vast range of exercises without swapping between dumbbells. Adding or losing more weight becomes a matter of seconds. So, your flow of excercise remains almost intact throughout the entire workout session.


Another key advantage of adjustable dumbbells is their ability to save time. While using them, you don’t need to break your flow by switching out weight plates or switching between different dumbbells.

A simple push on a pin and a spin on a dial will effortlessly adjust the weights. Thus, you can have a relentless workout session, bicep curls, cardio workouts, goblet squats, and so on without wasting a single minute.

Comfortable grip

When comparing adjustable dumbbell sets to traditional dumbbells, a comfortable grip is a key consideration. While traditional dumbbells may offer a fixed grip, adjustable dumbbells allow you to customize your grip for maximum comfort. Additionally, adjustable dumbbells provide flexibility in selecting your desired weight and adjustment increments, accommodating both lighter and heavier weights as needed.

Factors to Consider When Buying Adjustable Dumbbells

Knowing only the nitty-gritty parts of adjustable dumbbells won’t help you find the perfect one. You must know which questions to ask and which route to take to find it. Let's learn how to choose adjustable dumbbells and what to look for when buying dumbbells:

Weight Range

Dumbbells are basically weightlifting instruments. When buying, you must check their actual weight. You should also consider your fitness level and goals to find a suitable set of adjustable dumbbells.

You will find dumbbells ranging from light to heavy. Light sets range from 2 to 11 pounds. On the other hand, heavy sets range between 11 and 70 pounds. Another type is the wide weight range, which offers 4 to 100 pounds per dumbbell

Pick a set that allows room for growth. The maximum weight range should be higher than your current lifting ability. Consulting a certified personal trainer before shopping will help you make the right pick..

Weight Plates Adjustment Mechanism

Adjustable dumbbells work differently from model to model in terms of adjustability. When buying, check the adjustment mechanism for adjusting weights. In most models, there will be a pin, plate, and a dial. There will also be options for making manual or digital adjustments.

Value an instrument's ease of use. Be sure that you can adjust the weight with ease and speed. Also, remember to check safety features like secure locking. To be sure, adjust the weights by yourself and shake the dumbbells. If the weight doesn’t move or shift, it proves its firmness and safety..


Material is a crucial factor to check while buying an instrument for a home gym. Most adjustable dumbbells regularly use two types of materials - rubber and urethane.

Rubbers provide flexibility and power. They make the most versatile designs possible. They also come in different colors and weights. However, they tend to leave marks on the walls and floor of a gym.

Urethane is odorless and a more durable materials than rubber. They don’t leave marks anywhere and are more scratch-resistant. 

Choosing the right material will depend on your budget range. Rubbers cut lower prices than urethane. However, urethane makes the most durable adjustable dumbbells.

Grip and Durability

Handles that get slippery when you sweat can be frustrating and project a level of danger. Make sure you can grip the handles comfortably. An ergonomic and slip-resistant handle with padding will be the best choice.

Always choose standard dumbbells made of durable, sturdy, and sustainable materials. Frail dumbbells can break in the middle of a workout session. Read user reviews and talk with existing users to recognize the signs of suitable materials.

Brand and Warranty

Buying from a reliable and established brand will provide a few advantages. Reliable brands use quality materials and promise durability. In such a case, make sure the dumbbells come with an acceptable warranty.

Best Adjustable Dumbbells Buying Guide - Considerations for User Types

Considering your current skill level and needs is the first step to choosing the right set of adjustable dumbbells. The factors to consider will vary depending on the user type.


Beginners usually don’t need to engage with complicated adjustment mechanisms. As they start out, they will need easier adjustment mechanisms and lighter weights options. A core home fitness adjustable dumbbell set will be just right. Standard dumbbells with quick adjustment dials or pin systems will suit them best. Beginners should also consider comfortable grips.

Intermediate Lifters

Intermediate lifters need more challenge in their workout sessions than beginners. If you fall into this category, you will need a single dumbbell with a wider weight range and secure locking mechanisms. 

You will also need to challenge your current strength ability consistently. Your sessions will be more vigorous to test your stamina. So, the durability of the instrument is a major consideration for this stage.

Advanced Lifters

Advanced lifters need to lift heavy weights. Their training routines are complex and require rapid weight changes. If you are an advanced lifter, go for dumbbells with heavy-weight capacities and are made of premium materials. Also, make sure the instrument supports quick weight changes.

Adjustable Dumbbells Pairs That Can Be Your Best Pick


Best For Durability

Ativafit 66 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set

  • Rubber dial puts less pressure when kept on the thigh
  • Saves a huge space
  • Metal, solid, and durable weight
  • Rubber grip
  • Quick adjusting
  • The size of the dial is small
  • Make a wiggling noise when moving
  • The rubber grip could have been a little wider
  • The dial shows weights only in one metrics

Key Specs

Wight Per Dumbbell: 11 to 66 lbs | Maximum Weight: 132 pounds | Replaces: 12 sets of weights | Sold As: Pair

Target Users

Ativafit 66 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set will be best suited for intermediate to advanced lifters.

Key Features

Ativafit 66 lbs adjustable weight dumbbells come with a sleek design. Easy and quick to adjust, these dumbbells are a perfect replacement for 12 sets of weights. Adjustable from 11 to 66 lbs with 10 lbs weight increments. Such a wide weight range of adjustable weights makes these dumbbells versatile.

You can perform a wide array of exercises with them. The handle has a rubber grip that works well to prevent slips and discomfort. The overall adjustability mechanism is super fast and easy. The dumbbells use a simple pin and dial system for adjusting the weights.


Best For Safety

Ativafit 55 Lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Set (Pair)

  • Big rubber dial
  • Saves space
  • Octagon shaped weight
  • Hard plastic body cover
  • Durable
  • Quick adjusting
  • The hard rubber grip is less comfortable
  • The handle could be more gripping
  • The dial shows weights only in one metrics
  • Make a wiggling noise when moving
Key Specs

Wight Per Dumbbell: 5.5-55 lbs | Maximum Weight: 110 pounds | Sold As: Pair

Target Users

Ativafit 55 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set will be best suited for intermediate lifters.

Key Features

Ativafit 55 lbs adjustable weight dumbbells focus more on safety. The whole metal body is covered with hard plastic, and the octagonal adjustable weights provide safety against sudden wiggle. Both features add to the safety level of this model.

The maximum weight limit of 110 pounds is more likely for intermediate lifters. The weight limit is not too low to fit for beginners or too heavy to engage a heavy lifter. The adjustment mechanism is fast and lets users be in the flow while changing between exercises.


Best for Budget

27.5 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set | GT528

  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Rubber grip
  • Quick adjusting
  • Beginner friendly
  • The plastic base is too thin
  • Plastic body frame
  • Make a wiggling noise while moving
  • Not designed for heavy lifters
Key Specs

Wight Per Dumbbell: 5.5 - 27.5 lbs | Maximum Weight: 55 pounds | Sold As: Pair

Target Users

Ativafit 27.5 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set will be best suited for beginner lifters.

Key Features

Ativafit 27.5 lbs adjustable weight dumbbells have a compact and easy-to-use design. This model uses a liver to adjust the weights, which is easier and faster. As the range of weights is not so vast, lifters can do basic exercises.

Ativafit has used hard plastic for the main body, so it is not as sturdy as a metal frame. However, the quality of the plastic is premium, and it provides lightweight and easy maneuverability.


Best for Heavy Lifters

88 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set | DT1188

  • Rubber dial puts less pressure when kept on the thigh
  • Octagonal weight plates
  • Compact design
  • Metal, solid, and durable weight
  • Rubber grip
  • Quick adjusting
  • Durable
  • Long weight range
  • The size of the dial is small
  • Make a wiggling noise when moving
  • The rubber grip seems to be a tad narrow
  • Less suited to beginners
Key Specs

Wight Per Dumbbell: 11 to 88 lbs | Maximum Weight: 176 pounds | Replaces: 12 sets of weights | Sold As: Pair

Target Users

Ativafit 88 Lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set will be best suited for heavy lifters.

Key Features

Ativafit 88 lbs adjustable weight dumbbells contain the whole body within the size of a shoe box. Yet, they provide a wide range of weight options with 7 weight increments, making them more suited to heavy lifters. 

A wide range of exercises is possible, and shifting between these exercises takes no time. The quick adjustability and compact size of these actual dumbbells make a training session more effective. 


Versatile Use

Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells offer a comprehensive solution for home workouts, catering to users of all fitness levels. With a wide weight range and easy weight selection mechanism, these dumbbells provide versatility and convenience. The compact design saves space in your home gym while offering a significant spread of weight options

  • Space-saving design
  • Wide weight range
  • Easy weight selection
  • Compact footprint
  • Total body results
  • Convenient mobile access
  • Little bit hard grip
Key Specs
  • Weight Range: 5 to 52.5 lbs
  • Weight Increments: 2.5 lbs up to 25 lbs
  • Trial Period: 2 months to JRNY All-Access Membership
Target Users

Ideal for individuals seeking a space-efficient and versatile dumbbell set for total body strength training at home.

Key Features
  • Easy weight selection with a turn of the dial
  • Compact design saves space in home gyms
  • Wide weight range caters to various fitness levels and exercise needs

Easy Adjustment

NordicTrack Select-a-Weight Adjustable Dumbbell 

NordicTrack Select-a-Weight Adjustable Dumbbell offers versatility and space efficiency for home strength training. With a wide weight range and small increments, it replaces multiple individual dumbbells, making it ideal for compact gym spaces.

  • Wide weight range: 10 to 55 pounds
  • Small weight increments: 2.5 to 5 pounds
  • Space-saving design: Replace 15 individual dumbbells
  • Affordable option in adjustable dumbbells
  • Compact and fits into small gym spaces
  • Easy weight adjustment with sliding pins
  • Plastic parts may affect durability
  • Weight plates can shake and rattle during use
Key Specs:
  • Weight Range: 10 to 55 pounds
  • Weight Increments: 2.5 to 5 pounds
  • Adjustment Type: Sliding pins
  • Dimensions: 19.4” L x 11.4” W x 8.5” H with storage tray
  • Materials: Steel, plastic
  • Warranty: 90 days
Target Users:

Ideal for individuals seeking versatile and space-efficient strength training equipment for home gyms.

Key Features:
  • Wide weight range caters to various fitness levels and exercise needs
  • Space-saving design replaces multiple dumbbells
  • Affordable option compared to other adjustable dumbbells
  • Compact size fits into small gym spaces
  • Easy weight adjustment with sliding pins for convenience and efficiency


Making the Right Choice

Buying the best product is all about making the right choice. You have to be aware of your goals and evaluate an instrument's core purpose. When these two get aligned, you find the right product.

Before making a decision, you need to be thorough and check different key features. Especially weight range, adjustment mechanism, type of material, brand, and warranty of different adjustable dumbbells. 

Make sure the weight range of a set of dumbbells suits your lifting weights capacity and goals. Always go for quick adjustability. For material, if you are short in budget, go for a rubber-made instrument. But if you prefer longevity, urethane will be more suited.

If you are still wondering, “How do I choose the right dumbbell?” simply pick an adjustable dumbbell from a reliable brand. Brands promise to meet a certain level of quality, which is why they are safe weight options. However, don’t forget to check the warranty.


Finding one product among all the big names and viable options can be a messy job. A more generalized option that suits the majority of user types will be a safe play. If you, too, want to play safe, you can go for the Ativafit 88 lbs adjustable weight dumbbell set.

Featuring a compact design, this standard dumbbell set offers an extended range of weight options from 11 to 88 lbs, covering all user types' capacities. The only drawback is its pricing, which can put a tad extra pressure on a beginner.

If you are a beginner, a basic low-range Ativafit 27.5 lbs adjustable weight dumbbell GT528 will be your most viable choice. They provide a sufficient weight range for a starter while demanding a little money. They are also the best budget adjustable dumbbells. You can choose one from Bowflex adjustable dumbbells, or Nüobell adjustable dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are becoming more popular among home gym owners than traditional dumbbells. Each year, more variations with unique features are released. But to pick the right one, you have to be knowledgeable and strategic.

Over the years, Ativafit has established itself as a trusted manufacturer of home gym equipment. The company produces impeccable instruments to meet the needs of home gym enthusiasts. Check their website to find just the right instrument for you. And don’t forget to use this adjustable dumbbells buying guide.

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