Core Workouts to Strengthen Your Body – For Beginners and Advanced

The Summer X Games 2023 is coming! All the events lined up will test your body’s resilience. It is exciting to see the athletes transcend themselves with a lithe body, which is made by countless training and a strong core. So, if you are interested in these games, it is vital to make your core unshakeable

The core is an integral part of the body that affects its posture, balance, and stability. In endurance games especially, it helps move efficiently, increase your power, and maintain endurance. 

Let us take an in-depth look at the Summer X Games 2023 and the exercises to help you prepare for your participation in the next year!

What is the Summer X Games?

X Games, hosted by ESPN, is an extreme sports competition featuring two versions – the summer version and the winter version. Always held in Southern California, the Summer X Games will feature 18 disciplines spread across five sports – rally car racing, BMX biking, skateboarding, motorcycling, and surfing. 

Summer X Games
Photo: FB@X Games

Best Core Workouts

Competitors worldwide train for years to win a hand in the X Games. If you too seriously compete in the championship, the core needs to be developed. The best core workouts are:

1. Single-Arm Press

Single-Arm Press
Photo: Youtube@Colossus Fitness
  • First, stand with the feet hip-width apart and hold a dumbbell in the left hand. 
  • Next, the right hand must be stretched firmly to the side at a 45-degree angle. This is the starting position.
  • Now, brace the core and raise the dumbbell above the head. The biceps should be close to the ear and the palms flat, facing you.
  • Return to the starting position – that counts as one rep. Repeat the process ten times on each side.

    2. Side Plank Lift

    Side Plank
    Photo: Youtube@Get Exercise Confident
    • Lay down on the side with the right forearm straight and elbow on the floor; the body should be straight.
    • Lift your hips from the floor and down again. Repeat 10 times for each side.
    • Try to hold up for 30 seconds at the end.

    3. Glute Bridge March

    Glute Bridge March
    Photo: Youtube@intosport
    • Lie down on the back and bend your legs. The hips should be under the knees and the feet flat.
    • Cross your hands to two opposite collarbones. Raise hips to form a straight line, from the shoulders to the knees. 
    • Brace abs firmly and lift the right knee over the hip, forming a 90-degree angle. 
    • Hold for three seconds and lower the right knee. Repeat with the left; that is your one rep. Continue for 12 more times. 

      4. Stability Ball Stir The Pot

      Bosu Ball Stir The PotPhoto: Youtube@Tempus Australia

      • Place the forearms on the half-ball balance trainer and extend the legs behind you, forming a high plank – the body should create a straight line from the head to the heels. 
      • Firmly hold your abs and start rotating the forearms in a full circle. Ensure that the ball moves as well. One circle is one rep. Continue ten reps clockwise and ten anti-clockwise. 

        Bottom Line

        These four exercises are a great way to engage your core and strengthen it beyond compare. Start your first try for this summer!


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