Pump It Up With These 8 Rock Workout Songs

Listening to music while you work out can give you a hit of dopamine. Music can maximize your workout efforts. Working out with a great playlist can motivate you to keep pushing and meet your fitness goals. 

As the weather becomes cooler, it is the perfect time to kickstart a rigorous workout routine. Rock music has a consistent tempo that can help you get in the groove and keep you wanting to finish that extra mile, round, or series of workouts. 

Best Rock Workout Songs 

This list is guaranteed to get your blood pumping and get you in shape.

1. Song 2 by Blur

This fast-paced track gives an instant energy boost and an adrenaline kick for an intense sweat session. From loud drumming, grungy guitars, and edgy vocals, this song will keep you motivated to go the extra mile.

2. Thunderstruck by AC/DC

This record-smashing hit is a timeless rock n’ roll anthem used by fitness fanatics for a full-body intense workout session. This piece of rock music is perfect for giving you an extra boost for cardio or weightlifting

3. Faint by Linkin Park

This song is a perfect example of how Linkin Park can grasp hold of your eardrums with a rap-rock and nu-metal-infused sound. Add this song to your workout playlist to get pumped and for an instant energy boost.

4. The Pot by TOOL

The Pot has one of the most melodic intros, perfect for a workout. It is one of the TOOL’s signature tracks and their first entry to the top rock charts. This song will add speed and strength to your workout routine. 

5. Bleed It Out by Linkin Park

This adrenaline-inducing track is sure to keep your blood pumping throughout your workout routine. Bleed It Out can easily set your body in motion for an intense exercise session with its catchy guitar and heavy percussion. This will have you pumped for the toughest of sets. 

6. Coming Undone By Korn 

Get ready to blow off some steam with this full-body swelling track. Crank up the volume during a heavy lifting session, and get ready to add an extra kick to your workout. 

7. Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Rock out to this high-speed energetic workout number. Don’t Stop Me Now, with its upbeat tune, is an instant mood lifter. This song will keep you lifting weights

for longer

8. A Whole Lotta’ Love By Led Zeppelin

A Whole Lotta’ Love pumps your workout routine with a whole lotta’ adrenaline! The riffing, distinctive wailing, drum solo, and steady lines make this number one of Led Zeppelin’s signature tunes. 

The Bottom Line

Crank up that rock music workout playlist and get the most out of your workouts. Rock music motivates you to keep going in your exercise sessions. It pumps up the mood and gives you the surge of adrenaline that you need to reach your fitness goals. 


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