Tennis Player's Workout: Exercises That You Must Know Before Playing Tennis

Tennis is considered one of the most popular sports, and many players all over the globe enjoy playing it. But like every other outdoor sport, tennis also requires fitness and strength. 

Players need to habituate themselves to regular exercise and maintain a diet plan to be up to the mark. Famous players like Rafael Nadal, who won the French Open title thirteen times, keep themselves fit by burning calories at the gym regularly. 

If you are interested in tennis and want to keep yourself fit and fine, this article is for you. Here we will look into some exercises that tennis players would do. 

1. Planks

Core fitness is mandatory for every player. And what can be a better exercise than planks for this purpose?


Start by getting down on the ground and supporting your body with both of your elbows. Lift up your body with the help of grounded elbows and the tips of your toes. Engage your core and make sure your body is straight and parallel to the ground. Hold this position for thirty seconds to one minute. A strong core would probably hold the position for two minutes. 

2. Dumbbell Squats

Dumbbell workouts are considered one of the best ones to increase your body strength. This weight training helps build the lower abdomen's strength, which is necessary for tennis. 

Dumbbell squat

Hold two dumbbells and keep your hands glued to the sides of your body. Now start full squats with the dumbbells in your hands. Make sure your legs are wide as the shoulder length and toes should be slightly pointed out. Two to four sets of two minutes will do the job. 

3. Lateral Lunges

Lunges are excellent for your lower body. It improves lateral mobility

Lateral Lunges
Photo: Youtube@Joe Carabase

Step to the right side, slightly above the toe of your left foot. Then squat down and back with the right leg. Make sure your hips go down. At this moment, the left leg will be straight spread. Then push back the right leg and restore the beginning position. Alternate the sides and do ten repetitions on each side. It helps with the strength of your inner thighs, hamstrings, and glutes

4. Medicine Ball Overhead Slam

Medicine Ball Overhead Slam helps with building your upper body strength.

Medicine Ball Overhead Slam
Photo: Youtube@Tony Cress

First, start by standing in an athletic position. Hold the ball at your waist level, and then bring it up before you and then over the head. Now, with all the strength in your core, throw the ball hard in the front ground. Do this on a total count of ten reps.  

5. Stretches

Photo: Youtube @ Vive Health

Along with all the core and dedicated muscle exercises, try doing some basic stretches. For example, you can try leg stretches, Hamstrings, Shoulder, T-rotations, etc. - these stretches release your muscle pains, and increase mobility, which is crucial for tennis. 

Final words

Like any other game, Tennis also needs players to focus on their fitness and strength to perform well on the ground. By now, you must have got a fair knowledge about the workout of tennis players. So, what's the wait for? Get up and start these courses today. And see the result in a few weeks!


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