ativafit adjustable DB vs fixedDB

Among home fitness equipment you may need, a dumbbell is a must-have one. The dumbbell, as a most common weight in exercises, will help you build your muscles more correctly and quickly. Being used in the home gym or garage gym, adjustable dumbbell gains more popularity taking place of the fixed dumbbell. This article will introduce the adjustable dumbbell and how to make a choice between the adjustable dumbbell and the fixed dumbbell.

What is the adjustable dumbbell? 

Basically, an adjustable dumbbell contains a bar in the central and external weights on each side of the bar. You can switch the weights by rotating the dial or handlebar, sliding the pin, or screwing the weight plates in the bar.

ativafit 71.5lbs DB

Pros of the adjustable dumbbell 

  • Space-saving

One set of adjustable dumbbells replaces a full rack with up to 12 weight settings in a shoebox-sized package. An iron plate takes place of one or even a couple of fixed dumbbells.

  • Worthy

A single adjustable dumbbell with the max weight of about 50lbs cost $100-$300, which seems pricy, but it helps you save money to buy a dozen of fixed dumbbells. 

  • Satisfy the training of any level

Your workout routine includes different exercises that target different muscles. Therefore, you need different weights to assist the training for a better result. An adjustable dumbbell won’t stop you from stepping forward as you can adjust the weight according to your body condition. Take ATIVAFIT 71.5lbs adjustable dumbbell, for example, it adjusts from 11lbs to 71.5lbs in 5.5lbs increments, which is suitable for all people from beginners to professional trainers.

ativafit 27.5lbs DB

Cons of the adjustable dumbbell

  • Feel strange at the beginning. 

It is horizontal larger than the fixed dumbbell as the plates may be further from your hand when you use the adjustable dumbbell. So, keep it in your mind and make sure the dumbbell won’t be too close to your body.

  • Risk of injury. 

Adjustable dumbbells are designed to adjust the weights with the different weight plates being locked into the handle. Therefore, there is the possibility that the plates fall down and even hurt people. To avoid an injury, double-check whether the plates are placed on the bar handle and don’t adjust the dumbbell weight unless securely housed in the tray provided.

Adjustable dumbbells or fixed dumbbells?

ativafit adjustable DB vs fixedDB

Adjustable dumbbells are more suitable for people who insist that they’ll keep exercising at home and have limited space for the home gym. An adjustable dumbbell can company you during the time of leveling up. Also, if you are a value shopper, the adjustable dumbbell is a better choice.

Fixed dumbbells are familiar to the public. If you just begin doing exercise and are not sure whether you will keep the habit of working out, you may start with a pair of fixed dumbbells. Besides, if you are sensitive to the sound, you may choose the fixed dumbbell as it’s quieter when you use the fixed dumbbell with a hex rubber body.


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