Exercise at Work With Ativafit  Under Desk Elliptical

*This is a guest post provided by Stack Commerce from weather.com.

If you have a steady desk job, chances are you sit too much. If you want to live a less sedentary lifestyle then you'll need something like this Under Desk Elliptical to keep you moving throughout the day. It will help you get in some cardio and burn some calories while you're chipping away at your desk. It's a win-win!

This little elliptical has a built-in odometer to tell you how many calories you've burned in one sitting. With its adjustable tension, you can modify resistance based on the difficulty of workout you want that day. Plus, with its smooth crank and rollers, you'll get a smooth and precise pedal movement so you can enjoy your mini-workout without running into any kinks along the way.

It weighs 33oz and measures 15" H x 20" L x 23" W so it is easy to take with you to or from work and can fit under your desk or table easily. Use it while you're typing that report, preparing for your next presentation, or even sitting down on the couch watching TV! You will never have a reason not to get in a good workout when you have this convenient under-desk elliptical at a leg's reach!

Grab this great exercise machine today while it's on sale! It's a great item for those who are stuck at a desk all day and are concerned about not moving around enough. It will also make a great gift for a loved one who likes to workout but can't find enough time in the day to squeeze one in!

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