Check out the difference between the DialTech and GlideTech Series, and find which set is right for the type of workouts you are looking for.

DialTech Series

The two heavy hitters in our line of adjustable dumbbells uses a dial system to reliably lock in a combination of different sized plates to set your weight smoothly. Available in 55 lbs and 66 lbs

  • Great to build muscle mass
  • Build a poweful chest
  • Strong legs
  • Broad back

GlideTech Series

Pull and glide adjuster quickly adds additional plates as you move up to higher settings. Slimmer profile makes it easier for full-movement exercises meant to build and tone muscles. Available in 27.5 lbs and 44 lbs

  • Great to tone up without bulky muscles
  • Tone up your shoulders
  • Get lean legs
  • Nice arms

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