10 Exciting Ways to Celebrate The Groundhog Day

Our favorite February holiday is around the corner. Yes, it is that time of the year when our rodent predictor will tell whether we will witness more winters or the spring may come soon. No points for guessing it is Groundhogs Day!

The history of celebrating this tradition goes back centuries. It is a fun day to celebrate with friends and family relaxing at home while waiting to say goodbye to chilly winters. This year, apart from the regular activities to celebrate Groundhog day, let us add a home workout twist.

While relaxing and enjoying the day with your loved ones, you can also utilize the day to work out at home to welcome the Spring. We have briefly discussed the various activities you can enjoy with your close ones in the information below.

  • Watch the Movie: What better day is it to watch Bill Murray’s iconic movie groundhog day. Grab some popcorns and sit back with your family to relax and enjoy.
  • Read a Book: If you are not a movie person, you can read a groundhog book to your kids. Storytelling and making them aware of the history of this day can be an exciting activity for the day.
  • Attend the Livestream: Groundhog day is also telecasted live by the media so that you can enjoy the proceedings in the comfort of your houses. Grab some snacks and enjoy the live show with your family.

Photo: FB @Punxsutawney Phil

  • Visit Punxsutawney: If you do not want to sit at home, going out to Punxsutawney and enjoying the celebration with other people is a great idea. A long drive in the mid of the week can be very refreshing. 
  • Organize a Peanut party: Call out all your friends and organize a peanut party in your backyard to spend some quality time. Play scrabble, cards or have some conversation to feel refueled for the week.
  • Work out at home: It can be an excellent day to get back on track if you miss out on a regular workout routine. Try some back stretching exercises, planks, and pushups to start with.


Photo: naturalbeachliving.com

  • Bake some Cakes: No celebration is complete without a cake. How about baking some pancakes or cupcakes in the shape of a groundhog. Count on us as the kids will surely love this activity.
  • Decorate your Backyard: Decorating your backyard in a groundhog theme can be a fun group activity. Click pictures and post on the gram showcasing your creative side to the world.
  • Organize a Groundhog Theme Party: How about hosting a groundhog theme party for kids where they come dressed as groundhogs and have more fun by playing around in a self-made obstacle course.
  • Dancing with your Kids on Groundhog Day Song: No party is complete without music. Take out your dancing shoes and shake that leg with your family on a groundhog party song.


Photo: Pinterest @LME Printables

Whichever way you choose to celebrate, the whole idea is to enjoy and celebrate with your loved ones. Just enjoy your leisure time but do not forget to utilize the day with some workout activities. As we say goodbye to winters, it is high time we get back into the best of our shapes because spring may come anytime soon. Happy Groundhog”s day, folks!

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