Ace Your Compliment Game This National Compliment Day

Human beings are social creatures, and we all like the three A's – Attention, Appreciation, and Affection. Who doesn't want to grab the attention with their dress at the party or get some appreciation at the workplace for the presentation they made while sipping coffee late at night. There is hardly anyone who doesn't like the affection they receive from friends and family. But in today's fast-paced world, we seldom take time to appreciate someone's efforts for us genuinely.

The power of a compliment is pretty awesome. Both givers and receivers feel happy and high in self-esteem, making the deed a win-win situation. You never know when someone gets the much-needed emotional boost by good vibes and positive words you have used to appreciate them. So never miss a chance to sincerely compliment someone with your kind words and be a reason they smile today.

It's time to celebrate National Compliment Day by showering praises and genuine compliments to all those who add some value to your day. Be it your cook, house help, car cleaner, office assistant, a random stranger fueling your car at the petrol pump, or the guy serving you breakfast at the drive-thru subway, a genuine compliment for their service can surely make their day.

Constantly make sure that the words you use to compliment someone honestly come straight from the heart. Flattery is the worst method to praise someone because of the underlying objective associated with it. Remember that we all can make someone's day with a random act of complimenting someone genuinely. A sincere compliment won't cost you anything but will be a great value addition to the person's well-being at the receiving end.

Giving someone a sincere compliment is a way of respecting and recognizing someone. It can be about their appearance or an accomplishment professionally or a human quality you admire about them. A simple compliment can make someone feel confident about them, enhancing their emotional well-being.

If you feel better at expressing your emotions by writing, then go ahead. Non-verbal compliments also similarly impact the receiver's mood. It can be a simple text message or a note at the worktable of a colleague. Just make sure you are being honest with the choice of words and writing them with utmost honesty and emotions.

When in a random meeting, giving someone full attention by listening to them is also considered an effective compliment. It shows you are attentive and genuinely interested in what they have shared with you.

How to Ace Your Compliment Game

  • Give frank and sincere compliments – the best praise is the one that straight comes out of the heart like "I was waiting to meet you for so long, and I am glad that this happened today. Thanks for spending such a beautiful evening with me."
  • Learn the difference between flattering and complimenting – do not attach any motive and see how things turn out to be beautiful for you and the one receiving the compliment.
  • Notice the details and be specific; rather than saying you look nice today, try saying you look handsome in this rich shade of blue shirt.
  • Receiving compliments with grace is equally crucial as giving sincere compliments. So when someone genuinely appreciates you be polite and say thank you. Not accepting a compliment is like not taking a gift someone brought to you at your birthday party, which is rude.

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