10 ways to Respect George Washington on His Birthday 

On the third Monday of February every year, the National holiday is celebrated in the United States on George Washington's birthday. He was a great leader who helped found the U.S. and was the first president elected of the country.

He had no experience engaging in battles; still, he led the Virginia militia in 1752. George Washington was an underdog who went on to become a great leader. People loved him as the country's president and identified with his vision. Here are a few ways of celebrating Washington’s birthday-

George Washington's Mount Vernon

Photo: FB@George Washington's Mount Vernon

1. Visit Mount Vernon: Naturally, this site is devoted to a more idealist type of occasion, observing George Washington not on the current year's governmentally noticed day of Feb. 21, yet his actual birthday. Feb. 22 is one of a handful of times every year that guests can visit the popular Virginia domain free of charge.  

2. Watch a melodic exhibit of fifes and drums on the Bowling Green and test maple syrup in Vaughan Lobby. 

3. Venture into snapshots of history at Madame Tussauds, where you can warmly greet a previous president or take an Insta-commendable pic during one of history's incredible minutes.

Washington Monument

4. Visit Washington D.C.: Tour official destinations like the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

5. Visit the National Museum of the United States Army: Explore Revolutionary War gear and go to a set of experiences talk for nothing at the Fort Belvoir, Virginia gallery.

6. Visit Mount Rushmore: Learn about the historical backdrop of the renowned rock structure, get out up the mountain for a superior view (no, you can't jump on the countenances, sorry!) and a brief look at neighborhood natural life, or plan a more extended stay and partake in some officer drove programs.

George Washington's Statue

7. Don Red/White/Blue or Buff/Blue/White (the shades of Washington's uniform). Washington carefully considered his appearance, including stance, social graces, and discussion.

8. Make a crossword puzzle with Washington's life and achievements as the topic. Trade with a buddy.

9. Make birthday cards for Washington, maybe with a note, post them on an announcement board with inflatables and decorations, and perhaps our banner around them.

10. Walk in the procession on level roads in Old Town wearing a Colonial-style tricorn cap. Sing the birthday tune to Gen. Washington (his favored address method even after being President).


George Washington will be remembered forever because he has been the leader our country needed and we cannot thank him enough. To the most loved president, we extend our warm wishes on his birthday for he was a great leader. Happy Birthday George Washington!

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