11 Random Act of Kindness

How often has this thought crossed your mind that the world has become meaner and rude? People today have become more money-minded and selfish. Nobody takes out time and effort to help anyone without some hidden motive.

If these thoughts cross your mind, let me ask you a simple question. Who will take the responsibility to change the world? The answer is we do not have to change the world. We just need to change ourselves, and slowly the world will change because it all starts with us.

This Random Act of Kindness Day lets us ignite our flame of love and be kinder with each other. This day is celebrated to remind us that kindness is our original quality, and we just have to make sure that we use it regularly throughout the year to make this world a better place to live.

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What is a Random Act of Kindness?

A random act of kindness simply means doing something for someone without wanting anything in return. It simply means being the best version of yourself to help somebody else.

Does Kindness affect our Wellbeing?

Kindness is an act of selflessly helping someone by bringing out the best in yourself for that moment. Well-being is defined as the state of an individual that includes the absence of negative emotions like stress and anxiety. Well-being also consists of positive feelings like happiness, contentment, and satisfaction in life.

So does kindness affect your wellbeing? The answer is an absolute yes. There are some proven benefits of being kinder that are mentioned below.

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Benefits of Being Kind

  • The recipient of the act of kindness feels valued.
  • When you are being kind, there is a release of a hormone called oxytocin, the love hormone. Oxytocin helps reduce blood pressure, improve self-worth, and enhance an individual's self-esteem.
  • Apart from oxytocin, studies show that kindness helps you release serotonin and endorphins that enhance your overall wellbeing.
  • Kindness gives a sense of strength, energy, and power when you help someone.
  • Kindness also makes you calm and less depressed.
  • Research also suggests that kinder people have lower anxiety, stress, and depression rates.

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Few ways to celebrate the Random Act of Kindness Day

  1. Donate your clothes to the underprivileged ones
  2. Genuinely smile at people and wish them a good day
  3. Hold a door or stop a lift for someone
  4. Lend your seat in the bus or metro to a needy person
  5. Help someone carry the grocery bags to the parking in the mall
  6. Compliment your colleagues for the work they did recently
  7. Take out time to check on your old friends
  8. Write a thank-you email to your team for their efforts
  9. Offer a helping hand to a senior citizen while crossing the road
  10. Pay for your car next to you at the toll
  11. Greet and say thank you to your security guards in the society

Takeaway Message

Whichever way you choose to celebrate the day. Just ensure that this day is just a reminder and kindness is an act to be practiced throughout the year. We hope that you now have a fair idea of celebrating this day.  

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