Football Sunday Preview: A Brief Intro to The Rams and Bengals

It's party time for all the football fans out there as the NFL Superbowl 2022 is around the corner. Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals are locking horns in the battleground of NFL Superbowl LVI. It is called Superbowl LVI because it is the 56th Superbowl, and NFL has been using roman letters to represent the number.

If you are a football fan and have been following the NFL, you must be aware of all the proceedings and why people are crazy about it. Also, there is no need to worry if you are new to football but decide to be a part of this big party, as we have prepared a brief guide about the Rams and Bengals. 

We have briefly discussed star players of both teams in the information provided below. Let's check out these warriors!

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Who are the Star Players?

Both the teams battling it out in the Superbowl this Sunday are star-studded. We will be discussing a few key players from both teams. Let us start with the Rams moving on to the Bengals

Los Angeles Rams 

Aaron Donald

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Aaron is the defensive lineman and one of the best players in football. Winning three times defensive player of the year, he has been in the eight seasons of the NFL and all the eight times played the Superbowl.

Cooper Kupp

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With 145 catches and 16 touchdowns, Cooper has been the best wide receiver this season. Cooper has played a critical role in taking the offense game of the Rams to a whole new level.

Jalen Ramsey

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Undoubtedly the best defense cornerback in the NFL. Jalen's role seems to have changed a bit under the defense coordinator Raheem Morrison.

Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow

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Joe is regarded as the core of the team, who was injured in late November 2020, returned in time for the second season, and led the Bengals to the playoffs. He also was named the Comeback Player Of The Year. Fans are expecting this young and swag quarterback to create wonder at the Superbowl.

Ja’ Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd

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This trio of players gives the Bengals one of the league's best pass-catching players. This combination is sure to play a crucial role in the super bowls.

Of course, there are quite a few noticeable players but this is just a small list of them.

How did the teams get their names?

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Los Angeles Rams 

Ram's name was coined as a tribute to the college team from the 1930s Fordham Rams. Fordham ram was a firecracker of a team back then. Los Angeles Ram team originated in Cleveland in 1936 and then moved to Los Angeles.

Cincinnati Bengals 

The name was picked by the team founder, Paul Brown. This name was a homage to the last pro football team by the same name. Fans suggested the title-"Buckeyes", which was rejected as it was used as a homage to Ohio state. The Bengals were earlier the part of AFL but later on merged with NFL.


We hope that this information about the key players and the brief history of their names have got you more excited. So grab your favorite snacks this Sunday with your friends and family as you get ready to watch the NFL Superbowl between the Rams and Bengals. Cheer your favorite team by wearing their jerseys and enjoy to the fullest.

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