Effective and Beginner-friendly Abs Workout Regime

Are you someone who is trying to get those six-pack abs but lose track halfway through your routine? Are you someone who loves eating pizza for your cheat meals but are too scared to have it because of your fitness goals? This national pizza day, what if we tell you that you can enjoy your favorite pizza and work out well to burn those extra calories. 

The whole idea of fitness is to be consistent in your efforts and enjoy your journey to a healthier version of yourself. There is no point in being a gym rat and not enjoying your cheat meals in fear of gaining weight. 

We will discuss a beginner-friendly ab workout regime that will help you train your abs like never before in the information provided below.

What are Abs?

The muscles of your trunk located on the front side of your body between your ribcage and pelvis are your abdominal muscles. Six muscles form the group we term as the six-packs in today's world. We all want those six-packs but let us understand why they are essential.

Why are abdominal muscles workouts important?

Abdominal muscles form the core muscles of your body. There are fewer chances of lower back pain when you have a stronger core. A strong core helps in supporting your spine. The core muscles form the framework of your body. With a more muscular frame, the posture and stability of the whole body are enhanced.

When you have a strong torso, there are fewer chances of injury while doing any household chores or playing any sport. The chances of many diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular problems are also significantly reduced when you don't have any fat deposition around your waistline.

Beginners routine for your Abdominal Muscles:

1. Crunches

The crunches are the most common and easy to do exercises for an ab workout. Just make sure you do not over curl yourself, hurting your spine. Also, ensure you focus on your breathing for better results.

2. Planks

Planks are the most effective and easy to do exercises that engage your core muscles effectively. There are a lot of variations that you can try to level up your plank game.


3. Glutes bridges

There is a strong belief that this particular exercise only engages your glutes. In reality, glutes bridges engage your core as well tightly when done correctly.

4. Mountain climbers 

This is an effective cardio workout exercise that will train your core muscles simultaneously. Before trying the variations, start doing this exercise on a flat surface.

The bottom line:

All the exercises listed above can be done on a flat surface or with the help of the use of a Bosu ball. When you are a beginner, make sure that you do the exercises under the supervision of a trainer. In case of any breathing difficulty or uneasiness, please stop the activities immediately. If you have any chronic pains or medical history, please consult your doctor before beginning the regime.

Hope you will now enjoy your pizza guilt-free as you have ways to burn those extra calories. Happy national pizza day everyone!

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