Enhance Your Upper Body Workout This NHL Season

For all the hockey lovers out there National Hockey League All-Star Game is back, and it's bigger and better than ever before. NHL is one of the most awaited leagues by all hockey lovers, and all the big stars use this opportunity to enhance their skills.

Some people admire the game and some train to play as well. We all know that the lower body plays a crucial role in any hockey game, but the upper body strength is equally important. Regular upper body workouts will help you increase your shot power and reduce the risk of injury in general. There are many different exercises can be done to improve your upper body strength. Some exercises do not even require any equipment and are still equally effective.

We will discuss some home workout exercises to enhance your upper body strength in the information given below. We have covered it all whether you have some weights at home or want to use bodyweight.


Exercises without Weights

If you want to do an bodyweight arm workout, make sure you have a solid core to avoid any injuries. Remember that many of the arms' activities that do not use any weights engage your core muscles as well. 

We have created a list of bodyweight exercises you surely want to add to your home workout routine for an effective arm workout:

  • Pushups - Focus on the correct form rather than the number of reps. Start with the kneel-down pushup variant if you cannot do even one pushup.
  • Triceps dip is an essential exercise as most of us focus on the biceps only while doing any arm workout exercise. Adding this as a bodyweight exercise to your home workout routine warms up the equally essential triceps muscles. Do this exercise regularly to have evenly toned arms.
  • Plank with shoulder tap is nothing but a variation of the plank exercise. For an adequate shoulder tap exercise, make sure you train your core muscles well with standard planks before trying this one for your arm workout.

Exercises with Weights

If you are a fitness enthusiast and love to have your dumbbells added to your home workout kit, then plenty of exercises can be done with weights. A list of easy and practical arm workout exercises that can be done with just a pair of dumbbells is given below.

  • Biceps curl
  • Triceps extension
  • Triceps kickback
  • Side raises

Always make sure that you choose the correct weight depending upon your fitness level. If you are new to lifting weights, it's always better to start under the supervision of a trainer to learn about the correct form and techniques first. Never indulge in ego lifting as only consistent efforts will give you the desired results and not a single day of heavy lifting.

We hope that the exercises mentioned above will help you enhance your upper body strength. Get ready to up your hockey game as well while you cheer for your favorite team at the National Hockey League All-Star Game.


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