Exercise to do with your dog

Pets are a man’s best friends. Apart from the unconditional love and companionship, they can be a great workout partner. Getting a ball or a frisbee back can be a good workout session for your pet, but it does not help you exercise. Instead, you can try a few exercises which will involve you and your pup so that you both stay active and have fun.

Here are our few recommendations that can help you while planning for a workout with your dog:

  • Morning jog
  • Dancing with the dog
  • Yoga with your dog
  • Squats and lunges
  • Puppy push-ups
  • Obstacle course
  • Trail run

#1 Morning Jog

Morning jog is one of the most manageable exercises to perform with your pet. You can try a brisk walk for a few days before starting the jog. It’s a fantastic way to keep both of your hearts healthy.

jogging with dog

#2 Dancing With The Dog

If you are not a walking person, you can try dancing with your pet. Just put on some peppy music and shake that leg with your buddy. Who does not like a cuddle with the furball at the end of every song? 

dancing with dog

#3 Yoga With Your Dog

Yoga with your dog has recently been trendy, and it’s undoubtedly a thing to try for if you want a good stretch before going for a morning jog. Doggy yoga, also known as DOGA, is an excellent addition to your home gym routine.

yoga with dog

#4 Squats And Lunges

If you want to train at your home gym, then you can try squats and lunges with your doggo in your arms or by your side. If your dog knows how to do a handshake, then it’s a great way to pep up your regime by simply adding a handshake or a hi-five after every round.

Squat Your Dog Fitness Challenge

Photo: Youtube @POPSUGAR Fitness

#5 Puppy Push-Ups

Do not try this if you have back pain but doing the regular push-ups with the dog on your back can be an excellent way to train a notch higher in your home gym. A Hug is a bonus we all love at the end of every set.

Squats with dog

Photo: fb @Magnus The Therapy Dog

#6 Obstacle Course

Having an obstacle course ready in your backyard can be an excellent addition to your home gym. Running along with your family and the dog can be a great way to do some fun group activity on a Sunday morning, boosting the endorphins release for the coming week.

Obstacle Course

#7 Trail Run

The trail run is a better way to train for both man and the dog as the uneven surface makes it even harder. Next time you plan your vacation try this out definitely with your pet.

Trail run with dog

Before you plan any workout with your dog, it is always suggested to consult your vet and get a complete check-up done for any heart or lung condition. Once the doctor gives a green signal, you are ready to train with your partner.

Dog gym clothes

But is your pet fully ready yet? Without the perfect gym attire, the workout will be incomplete. Dress up your pet well for that training session with the ideal workout clothes. Be it a trendy t-shirt or a sleeveless dog vest; there are plenty of options to get your buddy ready on this dress-up your pet day.

Happy training, folks!

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