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We all know exercise produces happy hormones like endorphins and serotonin, which help elevate the mood. Music is also responsible for that dopamine spike, and combining workouts with music can do wonders. 

Music is therapeutic, whether it is that old song that takes you to your childhood or the song which was your favorite road trip song in college days. When it comes to exercising, many of us like to listen to cheerful music, and studies have shown that these tracks not only help you distract but can surely enhance your performance as well. Music has its advantages when combined with a good workout session. 

listen to music while working out

Some of the key benefits of plugging in the headphones next time you hit the gym or go out for a jog are listed below:

Your Workout Intensity Will Increase

Music will help you go that extra set or an extra round without even realizing it. It often distracts you from the pain you feel while vigorously working out. While it is not a substitute for medicines, audio analgesia is undoubtedly something that can be used to our benefit when trying to go a notch higher in our regime.

You Will Be Happier After The Workout

As mentioned earlier, the combination of happy hormones can make you more comfortable post-workout. There is a sense of achievement after you complete your set, and it is enhanced when done in sync with a peppy beat of a song.

Stress Reduction

Listening to a piece of soothing music while doing yoga or stretching after you are done with the day is also very relaxing. Some studies show the connection between music and the reduction of stress levels. Music distracts people from distress and exhaustion, boosts mood, improves endurance, reduces perceived effort, and may even promote metabolic efficiency.  

Motivational Quotient

The correct lyrics can be motivating and be the deciding factor sometimes between an average and a great workout. Combining your heavy training with a motivational song is always an excellent way to trick your mind.

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Here’s a Playlist Curated for your Workout this year

According to Archer, author of 12 books on fitness and wellness, an aerobic workout should start with uplifting music at a tempo of about 130 BPM (beats per minute) and build to around 150 BPM. You can choose different tracks based on what training you are processing.

Believer and Whatever It Takes – Imagine Dragons

Unstoppable – The Score

Hall Of Fame – The Script

Sucker Of Pain – Lil Wayne

We Own It – Wiz Khalifa

Champion – Chris Brown

Lose Yourself – Eminem

Never Say Never – Justin Bieber

Blue Suede Shoes and Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley 

Rock Around The Clock – Bill Halley

 listen to mucis while exercising

We hope you enjoy the playlist and add these songs to your regime next time you hit the gym or go out running. We believe this playlist will help you go that extra mile and hit harder at the gym, helping you reach your fitness goals faster. 

Happy Exercising Folks, THE MUSICAL WAY!

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