Veteran Andrew

Recently, we have received an email from Andrew, a kind strong honorable loving persistent, as well as a veteran with limited mobility. He was asking if there was an opportunity to donate one home gym gear to help him better tone his body. We ended up agreeing to this particular request. We can see that fitness is important to him, and we do want to make it more accessible and convenient for others like him.

As a military, he serviced for the nation and people; as a veteran, he would need to live with wounds in body and emotion. Fortunately, the responsibility to his lovely family and fitness support him to find a way to cure himself after getting back home. Here is what he said:

Well before being an Army veteran, my life always consisted of a need for fitness and power sports training. I loved the goals I made in life that were tied to my daily routines. Ultimately it was a stress reliever, and I also made it my daily social event. Now I’m a family man, and I take care of my children and German shepherds. But I find that after my wounds from the service healed, I was not motivated in a regular gym setting. The comfort of being home and the time aspect was not an issue to make either. I love training my dogs to sit with me while I lift weights, and I feel safe.

According to research, exercise is an excellent strategy for shifting focus. When you focus on weight lifting or aerobics, you forget about everything that bothers you and stress is released. You may even yell out if you have a home gym.

Fitness gives one’s life back. A Home Gym Brings a sunny mood.

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