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Being a stay at home mom I try to stay on a routine for my kids - Bailey

Her routine

I'm Christian, Mom, wife, athletic, happy, TWIN!

Being a stay at home mom I try to stay on a routine for my kids. 9:00am is my workout time. I either go to the gym because my dad is able to watch the kids or I workout in my garage. I love doing full body workouts or HIIT, they are quick and get me sweating!

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Her at home workout

My at home workout gym consists of dumbbells 10-45lbs, resistances bands, jump box, bosu ball, and the air bike. My workouts are mostly full body, one day I  might use the dumbbells, another day just resistance bands, and Fridays are typically body weight workouts. Having 2 kids it’s hard for me to up and leave the house to run for my cardio, the air bike is PERFECT for my interval training in between my dumbbell sets. Also with kids I like to keep my workouts short so full body workouts are perfect. I will have 4 different supersets each one having a upper body paired with a leg workout then a 20-30 sec sprint on the air bike.

ativafit fan bike

How fitness makes her feel good

I grew up playing soccer all the way through college so I have always been doing some sort of fitness/strength training. I always struggled with my weight and not being happy with the way I looked. After having my first baby my body looked better than before baby. At the age of 35 and after baby #2 I have come to realization that I don't need to have that six pack abs. Of course I try to eat healthy during the week but have some treats here and there because you only have one life. My second baby was a girl and I want to be a good example to her and let her know that god created everyone different and love the body he gave you!

These are the reason why I want to be healthy.

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