Clay Hamilton Masters Athlete

Health and fitness is anything sustainable that allows you to maintain an active lifestyle for a lifetime. CLAY


Clay described himself as a fit, fierce, loyal, passionate, committed, and trustworthy person. Chatting with him, I find he is really enthusiastic about fitness, especially CrossFit, so he also organizes free inclusive CrossFit events in Boise. We are glad to have Clay share his fitness story. Come to be acquainted with CrossFit through his telling!

His Routine

I currently coach at a local CrossFit gym and work out there after I get off work during the 5:15 class about 3-5 days a week. On days I do not go to the gym I work out in my fully equipped home gym for a total of at least 5-6 days a week. My workout sessions are generally an hour each session.

I also compete regularly as a master CROSSFIT® athlete and enjoy working out as my primary hobby. I have a traditional sauna at home and enjoy adding this as part of my regular recovery after workouts. I am also lucky enough to share my passion for health and fitness with my wife who is also a competitive athlete and coach. Making health and fitness a lifestyle is what works best for me and my family.

A man works out with dumbbells

The Gear He Uses on At-home Workout

Being that I frequently work out at home it is tremendously helpful to have a set of adjustable dumbbells. The cost and space savings along with the ability to have an entire set at my fingertips is a huge bonus. I like to use functional equipment and dumbbells are perfect for the job. I enjoy using dumbbells and free weights for strength training to complement my aerobic conditioning using my Assault runner, Rogue ECHO air bike, and Concept 2 Rower.

The 66lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Set has been a great addition to my home gym and has given me many more options while saving space and money.

Home gym

How Fitness Makes Him Feel Good

My idea of health and fitness is anything sustainable that allows you to maintain an active lifestyle for a lifetime. It is important when trying to maintain your workout and eating routines that you find something that becomes a lifestyle, not a chore. I’m 49 years old and plan on keeping up with my little one for a long time!

I personally subscribe to the CROSSFIT® methodology and have been using functional fitness since 2007. I have three daughters aged 5-24 who all participate in CROSSFIT® classes along with both my parents and my wife. It is important to train in functional fitness movements so that as we age, we can continue to move our bodies through a full range of motion and maintain an independent lifestyle for as long as possible. I am also a fan of the group classes directed and supervised by a coach.

I believe having a dedicated space in your home and making the investment into good equipment is important. This helps remove obstacles and excuses for not having the time to make it to the "gym". Getting into a good home routine will help sustain your workout consistency over time.

Family jogging

Final Thoughts

Clay builds a healthy lifestyle and starts a career related to CrossFit. His behavior affects his family and leads them to participate in CrossFit. That is why we create #Feel Good series - People are influenced by positive thinking and behaviors. Maybe someone somewhere just decided to start working out after reading this story!

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