I Take My Yoga Gear Where I Go

I Take My Yoga Gear Where I Go



We noticed Stephanie because of her posts on IG. She literally posts her yoga poses every single day. As she describes herself, she is full of energy and creation. We are glad to have Stephanie share her fitness story. I decided to do yoga tonight when I go back home!

Her Routine

I alternate running on a treadmill, exercising HIIT with light weights with a yoga workout seven days a week. I do sunrise yoga on weekdays for 15 to 20 minutes. This includes handstand practice.

Practicing handstands

The Gear She Uses

I use my Ativafit yoga mat both indoors and outdoors. I take my Yoga wheels with me for balance and strength training. The Lightweights I use during the HIIT are weighted 3 to 10 pounds. Also, I hike several miles 2 days a week.

I work out everywhere so my gym travels with me. At home, I use the living room or the backyard. Outdoors I like going to parks. My yoga equipment always comes with me.

Home yoga

How Fitness Makes Her Feel Good

I truly love yoga, running, hiking and dancing. When working out, inversions such as handstands and headstands are my favorite. 

 Dancing with friends

Final Thoughts

I am quite impressed by what Stephanie said - I work out everywhere so my gym travels with me. If you make the decision to incorporate fitness into your life, you can work out anywhere. Having no time to hit the gym is an excuse. A piece of portable workout equipment will help you achieve your goal!

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