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I have better body image when I'm working out consistently - Megan

Her Gear - Yoga Mat

I purchased the Ativafit yoga mat as a reward for a month of consistent exercise and I've been really happy with it. It's a good thickness for many types of exercise and is high quality with no shedding or tearing. The markings are also great for alignment. I'll occasionally use dumbbells too, but most of my workouts don't require equipment.

yoga mat

Her fitness routine

I try to work out most days for ~30 minutes. I vary it a lot so I don't lose steam—I choose whatever I feel up for that particular day and end up with a good balance. I follow different online classes for HIIT, yoga, ab circuits, barre, kickboxing, etc. Sometimes I walk, run, or hike instead. I stay motivated by tallying the number of days each month I've worked out and what kinds of exercise I've done.

How fitness makes her feel good

I have better body image when I'm working out consistently. I'm also more confident and capable when taking part in new one-off fitness activities, like a challenging hike or trying out my friend's climbing gym. I know that in the long run, taking care of my health is good for my family as well.

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