Health issues about lacking sleeping and 3 tips to make your sleep deeper

Do you remember that quote from Macbeth where Shakespeare calls sleep "Innocent"? How aptly has he portrayed sleep as "the main course in life's feast"!  

After all, a day without proper sleep can leave you in great misery. Not only will it mess with your mental health, but it will also create physical health issues. Hence, on this World Sleep Day, we are here to talk about how to get better sleep and have a day full of energy! 

Let's get started!

How Lack of Sleep Can Cause Health Problems

You have always been asked to follow a proper sleep routine and get enough sleep. Do you know why your doctor keeps pushing it so much? Well, lack of sleep can have a lot of health issues. Here's a list of such health-related and lifestyle problems that may happen due to this:

High Blood Pressure: 

Sleep can significantly affect your blood pressure levels. According to Mayo Clinic, sleep plays a significant role in controlling your hormones that regulate your metabolism and stress. As you keep lacking sleep, it may create hormone swings, leading to high blood pressure. It can also affect your cardiovascular health, leading to more severe issues. 

Blood pressure testing

Day Time Sleepiness: 

According to Philips Global Sleep Survey conducted in 2019, 62% of people say that they don't get as much sleep as they'd like. It leads to them feeling sleepy all day long, hampers daily work, and increases mental stress

Yawning during work

Relationship Issues: 

Lack of sleep can make you highly moody. It may also affect your relationship, creating more conflict between the partners.

A woman in distress

Tips to Getting Better Sleep

Macbeth killed Duncan in his sleep and was called the murderer of "the innocent sleep". In our life, the murderer is not some man in the flesh, blood, or with a royal title. Instead, it is stress, lifestyle, and many other factors causing the distress.

So, here are some tips to get better sleep:

#Tip 1: Focus on Home workouts

Workouts are fundamental to maintaining good health. Aerobic exercises help your body relieve endomorphin. If you face sleep troubles, do exercises 1-2 hours before you go to bed. It also helps to decompress and rejuvenate your mind. Home workouts also take you to a slow-wave sleep or deep sleep, giving your brain enough time to restore. 

A woman doing Yoga

#Tip 2: Maintain a Sleep Schedule

One of the biggest reasons for not having enough sleep is a messy sleep schedule. Our body has a natural clock that follows our practices carefully. If you go to bed every day at one specific time and wake up accordingly, you will get a full and sound sleep. Try your best to have at least 7-hour sleep!

A clock reminds you to get up

#Tip 3: Create a Cozy Environment 

Your bedroom should be something where you feel cozy and comfortable. Your brain needs to relax and rest to have a peaceful sleep. You can try burning some incense sticks or oils to create such a relaxing environment. 

A cozy bed


Sleep is a healing mechanism for our bodies. After a stressful day, all we want is a nice, warm, and cozy sleep to restore our energy. And that has led to a lot of research on the topic, experiments, studies, and discussion. We wanted to keep it short and simple for you. 

So, follow the tips, and may you have the best sleep of your life! 


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