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We hope everyone is staying healthy and happy, and spending time with your loved ones through this special time at home. We provide home fitness gear for you to keep healthy and happy at home.

While we are kept indoors for longer, it is also possible to explore and rediscover more small pleasures in the details which we might have overlooked before in everyday life. Even in a trifle as washing the dishes.   

Integrate this little Mindful Observation (Linehan, 1993) practice while you are doing anything. Now you find a new way to discovering joy without going somewhere else.   

1. Choose an everyday routine to start with. This could be stretching on the yoga mat, watering the plants or stirring your breakfast oatmeal on the stove. 

2.  Focus on how you raise your hand and feeling the muscle tension. It creates and the gravity changes in the pot as it inclines and water pours out from within. Realize how the water splashes on the petals and the slight quivers caused. Following to how that water falls from the leaves and got soaked slowly in the earth in one spontaneous, unhurried, and empathetic flow.  

3. As your mind quiets down to pure, unreasoned watching and observing, extend the sensory horizon to the chirping of morning birds or even traffic buzz on a busy day, the lingering smell of freshly baked bread, or feeling the texture of the table.  No judgements needed.

4. Let yourself be consumed by the presence of things and movements. Connect your movements, and the multi-sensory energy and purposes of things, and the larger world around - natural or manmade.

5. Experience and look at things as if you are seeing and experiencing them for the first time. When the magic happens, you will know it.


Ativafit is a fitness brand aimed at providing top performing fitness gear to fit the modern homes and changing lifestyles. Have a nice day!

Yoga Mat

Note: Should any distractions pull your attention away, simply direct it back and resume. It happens to almost anyone who's beginning their mindfulness practice - no need for regrets, or harsh feelings.



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