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*This is a guest post written by Sheila Johnson.


When it feels like you’re living life in a non-stop, fast-paced mode, it can be difficult to carve out time specifically for healthcare strategies. However, taking care of yourself is absolutely essential not only to your own well-being, but to being in good condition for your family, your friends, and your job. Ativafit specializes in at-home fitness equipment designed to help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals

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#1 Make It Easy

Many of us think that if we can't go to the gym every day that we're not embarking on a fully committed healthcare program. However, the fact of the matter is, with a little bit of creativity, you can work physical activity and self-care measures into any schedule. Make it easy on yourself.  Carve out time for yourself during the day, even if it’s just in 15 or 20-minute increments, and do something just for you. This might mean taking a walk around your building at work, hopping on a treadmill, doing a mini-meditation session, or feeding yourself healthy foods.

#2 Trick Yourself

Sometimes it takes a bit of self-trickery to get into good habits that lead to better overall health and wellness. For example, park on the top floor of the parking garage and walk up and down the stairs. Take your dog for a walk in the morning and the evening, and take the long route. Enroll in a dance class or some other type of physical activity that's fun and enjoyable and doesn't feel like exercise. These little changes in your daily routine can help you work in heart-healthy physical activity without feeling like you’re losing a significant portion of your day.

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#3 Eat Well

Rather than putting yourself on a strict diet, make a commitment to better health choices within the food categories you enjoy. Many of us resort to comfort foods and fast foods when we’re stressed and overworked, but healthy meal prep can help ensure you're eating well on the go. Keep healthy snacks on hand like granola bars, almonds, and Greek yogurt. Drink water before drinking colas or caffeinated beverages. Pack your lunch for work instead of hitting a restaurant. This saves you time and money and puts you in a position to consume only healthy ingredients. Also remember, dietary needs change over time, so discuss your personal needs with your primary care provider. 

#4 Reduce Stress 

While easier said than done, according to Prevention, getting the right amount of physical activity and getting enough restful sleep can help reduce stress. Participate in practices like relaxation breathing and gratitude journaling, or learn how to meditate. Many people face workplace stressors, and if you're no longer feeling challenged or fulfilled in your job, consider going back to school and getting an online degree in an area like business, healthcare administration, or IT so you can pursue a different career path. Look for accredited schools that offer competitive tuition rates. One of the best things about online education is that you have the opportunity to study at your own pace while juggling home and career.

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#5 Use Natural Remedies

There are a lot of low-stress ways that you can take care of yourself. For example, manage time well and don't be afraid to say no to commitments you don't want to take on, or simply don't have the time to involve yourself with. Take a holistic approach to your self-care and use natural remedies where it makes sense. For example, rather than take a sleeping pill, the Sleep Foundation recommends trying a cup of valerian tea or relaxing chamomile. Keep yourself healthy with regular vitamin supplements, and manage chronic health conditions so you don’t have to contend with physical and mental issues that can be exacerbated by stress.

In Short

For many people, self-care is something that gets relegated to the back burner in favor of work and family obligations. However, the better you care for yourself, the more you're able to care for others.

Ativafit offers a wide variety of high-quality fitness equipment that’s perfect for the home or office, including adjustable dumbbells and exercise bikes. Visit the site today to learn more!


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