6 Healthiest Items You can Find on Subway

Tender and tasty meat, be it tuna, turkey, beef, or chicken, goes best with fresh vegetables. Using this idea, Subway has made a diverse variety of salads, sandwiches, and wraps.

The best thing about Subway's menu is that you get the largest variety. You can go for the cheesy, high-sodium meals or the healthier meat and veggie-based ones. And that is what makes it stand out. Below are some healthy items that you can choose from Subway's menu:

1. Turkey Breast Sandwich

Turkey breast sandwich is probably the most loved healthy item on the subway's menu for lunch. Not all healthy items containing protein can be low in calories, but this Turkey Breast sandwich surely is. With just 280 calories, this turkey sandwich packs around 18 grams of protein.

2. Black Forest Ham Sandwich

Subway packs a thinly sliced ham with lots of green vegetables such as spinach, cucumbers, and lettuce, along with onions and tomatoes. Black forest ham easily can be your go-to healthy meal at any time of the day. It's basically just a fresh salad with a touch of protein (ham) and only 290 calories.

Black Forest Ham Sandwich

3. Rotisserie-style chicken Sandwich

The Rotisserie-style chicken sandwich contains white bread with crispy fried veggies and fresh chicken. It offers 350 calories but a healthy portion of protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates too. The chicken cooks in minimum oil, and Subway lets you pair it up with your favorite vegetables. Lettuce, red onions, and peppers are mandatory for this!

4. Oven Chicken Roast Sandwich

Aoven chicken roast sandwich is another healthy combination of healthy fiber and protein. Enriched wheat bread is made crispy with oven heat and oil. It is then packed with oven-baked chicken with a lot of vegetables. It is flavorful, fresh, and filling with 320 calories per serving.

Oven Chicken Roast Sandwich

5. Egg and Cheese Sandwich

Subway's egg and cheese sandwiches are best known as a healthy, delicious breakfast. It is a whopping 380 calories, but there is hardly any better way to start your morning. The sandwich is made with enriched multi-grains bread, fresh vegetables, mainly spinach and tomatoes, egg whites, and cheese. Totally sounds like something one would like to have after a morning workout or jog before getting to work!

6. Veggie Delight Sandwich

We cannot leave out Subway's veggie delight when talking about the healthiest Subway items. It is suitable for vegetarians too. Veggie delight packs all your favorite vegetables with an oil and vinegar dressing and offers maximum fiber and minimum sodium with just 230 calories

Veggie Delight Sandwich

On your cheat days, you can just pair it up with a cheese slice. Even then, the sodium content remains in the safe range.

The Bottom Line

Subway is a fast-food restaurant chain that stands out from the rest because of its healthy menu. But still, your choices can make a huge difference. You may choose the healthiest Subway item, but it won't be the same if you double up on the cheese. The list above will help you make some healthy decisions.


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