Meditation Music for Beginners, Singing Bowls

We got the sense of how meditation benefits our daily lives, and we also were given a brief guide to meditating in the article Meditate to Mitigate your Life: A Brief Guide. Today, let's discuss a tool that may help beginners be deep in it quicker – meditation music.

How does music help in meditation?

1. Help you concentrate on the meditation

Meditation music is usually healing music or soothing music with good vibes, which helps to create a tranquil environment and a calm atmosphere. In that circumstance, it’s easier for us to clean up our minds, enhance our awareness of breathing, and find inner peace.

Pile of rock near lake

2. Support guided meditation

Music plays a big role in guided meditation, which is a form of meditation and is really friendly to beginners to practice meditation. The teacher or therapist will play a piece of relaxing music and softly give instructions on what we should do, or imagine. For instance, close your eyes and picture you are seated in the middle of the tree. The leaves are lightly blown to shake…

A Man Meditating on the Tree

3. Music therapy

Listening to music can improve our mood. It releases us from something stressful and exhausted and drives us to the world that the music creates. Research shows that music has a profound effect on your body and mind. We will receive what the music tries to convey, and meditation music usually provides a sense of the emotion of calmness and peacefulness.

A woman meditates in her room

Best music for meditation?

As more people engage in meditation, there appears much perfect but free meditation music on Youtube. Therefore, we can easily access Meditation music and have fewer barriers to begin practicing meditation. Usually, we should choose the music we enjoy but will not focus too much on. Soud of singing bowls, ambient music, instrumental music and nature sounds are recommended.

1. Tibetan Singing Bowls

Relax with a Tibetan singing bowl meditation session
Photo: Youtube@WFMT

Once the singing bowl is hit, the sounds caused by the vibration just clean your heart. This melodious sound slows everything down, including your non-stop thinking mind.

2. Ambient music

Relaxing Music

Photo: Youtube@YellowBrickCinema - Relaxing Music

It’s ethereal and slow-paced. Go with the music and let it bring you deep into your inner thought in 15 mins.

3. Instrumental music 

'Spiegel im Spiegel' (Mirror in Mirror) by Arvo Pärt from 'Smile'

Photo: Youtube@ Anne Akiko Meyers

Arvo Pärt composed Spiegel im Spiegel, which is translated as “'Mirror in the Mirror”. It’s so peaceful that we cannot help calming down and exploring our own thoughts.

4. Nature sounds

Gentle Ocean Wave Sounds, Relaxing Nature Video

Photo: Youtube@TheSilentWatcher

It’s such a pure and simple nature sounds episode. We could pretend we are wandering on the beach. That’s the feeling called free.This sort of music is well-suited to piano or violin accompaniment. Try to play this piece together with the instrumental music above!


Some people may dim music can be a distraction when meditating, but some also feel music helps them psych themselves up for the meditation. It’s up to you, but why not have a try?

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