Happy Women's Day and celebrate it with a self-care routine
Happy Women's Day! It is that time of the year when womanhood is celebrated across the globe. March 8th is recognized internationally as a day to advocate women’s right to equality. However, people shouldn't confine themselves to just one day to acknowledge the contribution of women in their lives. Call to action on caring for women's situation is what we need.

Also, building self-esteem and self-love is a long-term strategy for improving women's rights. This Women's Day, do not wait for anyone to make us feel special and loved. Celebrate this year by focusing on the self-care regime. It is a great time to start taking the self-care routine seriously because, as they say, self-care is not selfish, right ladies?

Keep reading! We have curated some brilliant ideas to help you celebrate this Women's Day the self-care way.

1. Get a Digital Detox and Clear Your Mind

Just like your body needs a physical detox from junk food and fried items, the mind also needs a digital detox from social media. In fear of missing out, we do not keep our phones down, which has harmful effects on our bodies and mind. Take this day as an opportunity to take a break from your smartphone. Try a 20-min meditation to clear the mind up and explore the inner thoughts.

A woman is maditating

2. Prepare a Healthy Breakfast

Wake up and cook breakfast with healthy food for yourself. Take some time to sit and mindfully eat your food without any distractions. Remember the old school times when we used to pray before eating. The food we eat has its energy so try reviving the old habit of praying and filling it with positive thoughts. 

healthy breakfast

3. Go on a Date with Yourself

Do spare time to take yourself out on a date. Go for a movie or a coffee or simply sit in the park with your favorite book. Utilize this day to the fullest by spending some ME time.

Self dating

4. Start with some Fitness Regime

Take out that yoga mat and kickstart your day with some back and neck muscle stretching. Also, try some strength training with dumbbells to keep you energetic and strong. Start with a fitness regime and pledge not to break this beautiful habit to work on yourself for three weeks. Slowly and steadily, when you start to see visible changes in your body, the way you feel about yourself will also change drastically.

A woman doing dumbbell workout

5. Time for some Skincare

Getting the long-pending manicure and pedicure along with some good facial is the best way to celebrate this Women's Day. You can meet other friends and get a chance to pamper yourself with some skincare regimes.

Skin care

6. Clean your Wardrobe

Cleaning and arranging your wardrobe is an essential exercise because once the task is complete, the brain gets a sense of accomplishment, releasing happy hormones. The more frequently you start doing these exercises, the more disciplined you become in other areas of your life.

Arrange the Wardrobe

7. Catch up with your besties

How often have we canceled those meetings with your school and college friends? This is the right time to catch up with your girl's gang and celebrate this day together. Be there with each other hanging out, and just having fun by being together.

Girls' date

The bottom line

Whichever way you choose to celebrate this day, just make sure you spend quality time with the most important person in your life, that is you. Do not forget how amazing you are, and never stop believing in yourself. This Women's Day, try incorporating the habit of self-care and do not shy away from following the rituals regularly.


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