Ativafit Rowing Machine

A rowing machine at home can provide you with countless hours of fun and fitness, whether you use it as your primary form of exercise or just need a change from running or swimming. Many people know they can count on the Ativafit Magnetic Rowing Machines to give them the performance they need in the comfort of their own homes. Here are three reasons why you will fall in love with this new line of affordable but high-quality rowing machines.

Ativafit Rowing Machine

#1 Easily Adjustable Resistance

Each of these rowing machines has an adjustable magnetic resistance system that easily adjusts to match your workout intensity. There are 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance, so if you’re looking for a more intense or difficult workout (or if you’re just getting started), all you have to do is simply twist the resistance knob. So, even advanced athletes can take their training to another level by turning up their intensity.

#2 Track Workouts with LCD Display

From calories burned to distance covered, rowers can monitor and then show the user's performance on a digital LCD display screen. This is particularly helpful if you have a specific goal or program to stick to. Keep your motivation going by tracking every detail of your workout. Set goals and track progress over time. The LCD display on the Ativafit Magnetic Rowing Machine makes it easy to monitor all key information without ever having to dig into the complicated menu systems or scan through multiple displays.

#3 Safe Footing Throughout the Workout

The non-slip foot pedals and padded grip handlebar on the Ativafit Magnetic Rowing Machine make it easy to find a comfortable footing during a workout. These features also give your feet and hands a break, reducing joint stress and muscle fatigue over time. When rowing, your feet are strapped into footrests to ensure your footing is secure. This is an important feature because rowing can become a very fast workout that requires complete concentration. Many people who end up injuring themselves during workouts do so because they lose focus on their technique. With proper foot support during a workout, it will be easier for you to stay focused and avoid unnecessary injury.

Ativafit Rowing Machine


When it comes to buying rowing machines, there are so many options available. If you’re tired of feeling stale and want to get back on track with your fitness routine, then we highly recommend checking out Ativafit Rowing Machines.

Besides being perfect for a home gym, Ativafit Magnetic Rower Machines can be folded. The transportation wheels aim at easy portability. Simply tilt and roll out for use or away for storage. If you’re looking for high-intensity training or just a great way to relax at home, we have everything that you need!

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