An Item Helps You Decrease The Risk of A Back Injury

According to our survey of customers, it happens to some people that their lower back gets pain when picking and dropping dumbbells from the floor. It is understandable. The survey result shows that 52% of them work out at home more than 3 times a week. Let's say you will take 10 minutes for dumbbell workouts in your workout regimen. Suppose it takes 1 minute to work 1 rep (rest included). You will need to crouch down and straighten up with the weight once, and bend down to drop the dumbbells once when you finish this rep. So you will need to at least squat 16-20 times for the dumbbell workout part of your routine in one day. For a week, it will be about 50 times, or even more. Meanwhile, they won't be standard squats as you focus on holding the weights. That's out of the imagination, right?

Pick a dumbbell

Physicians deem risk factors for lower back pain include the age of over 30, the body carrying extra weight, weakened abdominal muscles that cannot support the spine, jobs and activities that require heavy lifting or bending, and extra. Since regular strength training is an important component of your lifestyle, you can decrease the risk of a back injury by having a dumbbell stand!

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Ativafit dumbbell stand enjoys great popularity among fitness enthusiasts for its convenience, quality, and value. It lightens your home workout corner up with a chic outlook. The ergonomic design makes it outstanding for the reasons below:

  • A comfortable height. It stands comfortably about knee height for most people, so you can naturally drop the weight on it. With the stand, you can not only have your lower back and knees protected but save time between reps by lessening the time to place the dumbbells.
  • Well-made. Its certified construction with stainless steel and a tough powder coat finish guarantees the stand to be solid, sturdy, and durable.
  • High weight capacity. It has a maximum capacity of up to 100kg/220lbs. So it is compatible with 55lbs adjustable dumbbell set and 71.5lbs adjustable dumbbell set.
  • Better fixing the dumbbell trays. It screws the dumbbell base on the pedestal, which is more secure than a strap. Therefore, you won't get disturbed when setting down the dumbbells.

Ativafit dumbbell stand

  • Easily assembled with all the necessary parts and tools provided.
  • Equipped with casters. You can easily move the fully loaded stand while avoiding damage to the floor in the process. Moreover, the casters can be locked, so the stand doesn't roll away in any case.
  • Compact design. It only occupies the space of a nightstand.
  • Extra space was created. You may store small equipment like resistance bands, jumping ropes, and a power roller. 
  • $$. It costs only a little bit over 100 bucks, which is highly cost-effective and perfect as a gift for people you love.
  • 1-year warranty. You will always get support if you have a problem assembling or using the equipment.
Ativafit dumbbell stand
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As a customer who owns the Ativafit dumbbell stand says, it is a new world! Don't you feel thrilled? Click here to get one and enjoy all these benefits and convenience!


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