How to Build a Home Gym on a Budget

Home gyms are getting popular by the day. Firstly, home gym equipment is now more easily available and affordable. Secondly, nothing competes with the comfort and convenience of a home gym that exactly suits your workout plan and needs.

Contrary to common belief, building a home gym does not have to be expensive. Since a home gym is all about personalization, your gym will only have the equipment that your workout plans need, saving quite a lot on the budget.

Here is how you are going to build your home gym on a minimum budget:

1. Choose a Space

The floor space depends on the size of the gym you want. Rectangular or square rooms are preferable as they let you organize your gym equipment better. The size, however, should be selected considering the required free safe space around each exercise equipmentHowever, with Ativafit professional home fitness equipment like the adjustable dumbbells and foldable exercise bike, You will be less concerned about the space utilization rate.

The location depends on how you like it: airy and sunny, or dark and close. Keep these factors in mind when choosing a space for your home gym. Your potential gym space should also have rightly placed electric sockets for your treadmill, sound equipment, air conditioning, and appropriate lighting.

Home gym with equipment from Ativafit
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2. Choose Home Gym Equipment to Get Started

After choosing the right and comfortable space, it is time to bring and set up the gym equipment that exactly suits your needs.

If you are a yoga person, an odourless yoga mat is what you need. For cardio workouts, you will need an exercise bike, resistance bands, ankle weights, and skipping rope to warm up. Home gym equipment for strength trainers includes dumbbells, kettlebells, a barbell and rack, and a bench. Here we highly recommend the unit of an adjustable dumbbell set + a workout bench, which is suit for home workout trainers in any fitness level.

Ativafit adjustable dumbbell set and bench
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3. Add Storage for Better Organizing

A cupboard can hold all the small equipment like skipping ropes and resistance bands that can create a mess. Organizing the equipment and procuring sufficient storage is important to make the gym a motivating space for workouts. If you have transferred to your home gym full-time, you may need even more storage for the cardio and heavy equipment. However, if you have an exercise bike that is foldable and a dumbbell set that is adjustable, you get space savers that are quite compact and easy to store.

Ativafit adjustable dumbbell user
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4. Add Some Inspiring Gym Feels

The floor and walls of your home gym should imitate those of your professional gym club. Add some inspiring quotes to the walls. The floor can also use some texture and color. For instance, if you like it dark, give your gym space a black floor when setting it up. It can be a dark carpet or a dark woody texture. Or, if you like it dramatic, you can get your favorite quotes on your gym floor as well.

If you have enough space, you can add a full-length mirror, which helps track the technique of your exercises.

Home gym
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The Bottom Line

Building a home gym is all about personalization and convenience. It can save your monthly gym subscription fees and commuting costs too. Besides, entering a home gym and working out in your personal space is easier and a lot more motivating.


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