Workout Gear You Need For Home Gym Workouts

*This is a guest post written by Elaine Jane.

Though gyms are now re-opening, fitness enthusiasts can still achieve tangible results by using compact workout equipment in their homes. Certified personal trainer Paige Waehner highlighted that home workouts can help you save time and money. You also don’t have to worry about monthly gym membership fees, so you can instead use your money for investing in the best at-home workout equipment.

Buying the right exercise equipment means you can achieve the results that you want. So if you want to start your fitness journey at home, here's what you'll need:

Shoes Safety: The Importance of Foot Protection in Home Workouts

Running shoes

While you can wear anything for home workouts, you’ll need to be extra careful when it comes to your footwear. You can identify the exercises that require footwear through Health Digest, which has gathered recommendations from health and fitness professionals.

Going barefoot is acceptable in pilates, yoga, and barre, but when it comes to other exercises, trainer Lindsey Clayton states that it’s important to use sneakers that provide enough cushion and support. Exercise movements like jumping jacks or burpees are high impact, so you need sneakers with the right bounce to reduce your risk of injury.

The best way to know which shoes you need is to seek out authority shoe sites. You can learn everything you need to know about exercise sneakers through SoleSavy, which houses the latest updates on sneaker tech and new releases. Their resources will guide you regarding the shoe features that are beneficial to home workouts and even help you get the specific shoe models that you want. Getting shoes that are right for your exercise means you can increase the safety and efficiency of a workout.

Exercise sneakers and dumbbells

The Best Overall Exercise Equipment for Home: Investments that Increase Your Workouts’ Intensity

You can enjoy tons of freedom when you’re working out in your own place. The CDC points out that you can be more creative by working out with items that you have at home. Full water bottles can be a substitute for weight training, while towels can be used as a tool for stretching.

But if you want to reap results that are usually acquired from the gym, you need to level up and invest in the best home workout equipment. Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time fitness enthusiast, Ativafit’s Home GYM collection has the best exercise equipment for small spaces. After each workout, this compact workout equipment can be easily rolled for storage.

  • Adjustable dumbbells
If you want to burn calories more efficiently though, you need to start weight lifting for weight loss. Your strength training won't be complete without the best exercise equipment for small spaces: Adjustable Dumbbells, which can support five different weight settings in one set. Beginners can start with the 27.5 lbs adjustable dumbbell weight set, which can support as low as 5.5 lbs, then eventually graduate to the dumbbell sets that weigh as much as 55 or 71.5 pounds.

Ativafit adjustable dumbbells

  • Half-ball balance trainer

Despite being a compact workout equipment, the Half-Ball Balance Trainer can deliver powerful results when it comes to your core strength. This is one of the best options for at-home workout equipment, since it can improve your core muscles, increase your ability to balance, and tone your upper body.

Ativafit bosu ball

  • Folding exercise bike

Meanwhile, fans of Crossfit and HIIT will enjoy the Foldable Exercise Bike that challenges your endurance and capacity. Since this exercise equipment provides an added resistance, both your upper and lower body will be targeted through your cycling exercises.

Ativafit folding bike

  • Rowing machine

Finally, you can bring the gym into your home by investing in the best at-home workout equipment, the Folding Rowing Machine. This rowing machine features adjustable resistance settings so you can increase the challenge and efficiency of your home workout. It also has fully-foam padded handles and large non-slip pedals, so that you can remain in position throughout your workout routine. You can even monitor your performance and celebrate each progress by tracking the total count, time, and calories burned during your home gym workout.

Ativafit rowing machine


At-home exercises are just as challenging and efficient, especially if you have the best exercise equipment for the home. So if you want to take your home workout to the next level, check out Ativafit's exercise equipment offerings. The above compact exercise equipment can help you achieve powerful results, from the comfort of your own home.


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