Get Involved in This Movement on Earth Day

The 53rd Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 of 2022. It is a festival specially set up for the world's environmental protection. It aims to raise the public's awareness of existing environmental issues, and mobilize the public to participate in the environmental protection movement, so as to improve the overall environment of the Earth through green and low-carbon life. Up to now, more than 1 billion people from 192 countries around the world participate in it, making it the largest folk environmental festival in the world.

This year, Ativafit, in collaboration with Yogis, makes our contribution to this movement and offers one more platform to honor Mother Earth through Yoga. We provide Half-ball Balance Trainer for two participants as an award. Please check the challenge details below:


As a creature on Earth, we are responsible to preserve and protect Earth, where we live. Though Elon Musk is dedicated to moving to Mars, it seems impossible for our generation. 

Let's get involved in efforts to improve the planet's health!


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