Start Your First Training to Keep Your New Year’s resolutions

Happy 2022! Can’t believe it’s a new year again! There is no better way to celebrate the very first day of the New Year than a goal that improves ourselves physically and mentally. So we hold an event called #ativa2022 to invite everyone to share their first training with us on FB.

New Year is the time when we want to take charge of our lives and create healthy habits. Face it: we cannot completely change the not-that-good living habits on the first day. All we need to do is start small; in other words, put one of your New Year’s resolutions into practice. For instance, keep exercising. Again, start small! Try a 10-minute workout routine or do squats when you recall things that happened at the New Year’s Eve party.

Then, take a photo or shoot a short video and share it on FB, follow @Ativafit, @ two mates you would like to work out with, and #ativa2022. We will award 5 participants gifts that make you wow! Let’s love ourselves and expect to be better in this new chapter of life.

Also, click here to check out the home workout equipment that helps you keep your New Year’s resolution of working out, meanwhile, on sale!

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