New Year's Resolution ideas

It's 2022! Once again, it comes the time when we make New Year resolutions, trying to make changes to our old habits and form new routines. Honestly, it often happens when we set ourselves annual goals but fail to achieve them. Many of our resolutions do not succeed because either they are not specific or are very unrealistic. So why not start small but meaningful that you can benefit from practicing it with little effort? 

Here are some recommendations for New Year's resolutions that you can hold on to: 

New Year's resolution 2022

1. Eat More Home-Cooked Fresh Food

You are what you eat, so eating freshly cooked food is always a good idea rather than ordering junk online. Try cooking at least one meal a day for yourself. Keep fruits and nuts handy for mid-meal hunger pangs.

2. Cut Down On Sugar Intake

Cutting down on refined sugar alone can help you set the tone for the start of your fitness journey. Try jaggery and natural honey instead.

healthy home cooked food

3. Keep Moving Every 40 Minutes

When everything has become digital, many of us work from home online. The idea of sitting comfortably on the couch and continuously working might appear to be productive. Still, to prevent your health from going for a toss, it’s a good idea to move and stretch at regular intervals.

4. Choose a Fun Physical Activity

Choosing a physical activity that is not boring and equally effective in helping you burn more calories is always a good idea. Discover one such equipment, the trampoline, which is a favorite amongst all age groups.

5. Try Weight Training

Discard this notion that weight training is only for young boys. Good muscle mass is healthy for your bones and joints, irrespective of age and gender. You may start from the weighted squat, which works your largest muscle group on your body. Check out the sturdy range of dumbbells by Ativafit for an effective workout at home.

Sretching at home

6. Plan your Day Before At The End of The Day

Having a day planned ahead of you is like having a location set on the GPS; you have to enjoy the ride now without thinking much. Inculcate this habit of planning your next day before sleeping.

7. Free Your Eyes From Screen before Sleep

Sleep is the most underrated component of a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is working late at night or binge-watching your favorite web series, it is not a good idea to compromise your sleep for that.

Sleep well and sound

8. Practice Gratitude

We all have our desires and unfulfilled wish list with us but being alive with so many resources in this time of a global pandemic is a lot to be grateful for in itself.

9. Make Self-Care a Priority

Self-care is not being selfish. Keeping some ME time aside in your routine and spending time with yourself is healthy.

10. Incorporate Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are acknowledged globally to reduce stress, anxiety and enhance physical and mental health. For a smooth session of this new habit, try our new range of yoga mats.

yoga and meditation

11. Invest Your Money

Spending less and investing more is always a good idea. Investing regularly over a more extended period will eventually help you become wealthy. Also, a home gym is a worthy investment to create a more convenient daily workout routine.


We hope this list of New Year healthy habits adds some value to your life and you evolve this New Year physically, emotionally, and professionally.

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