Tips to Get Rid of the Beer Belly

With summer's coming, more people tend to have a drink and eat something greasy after a whole day of work. Bottles of iced beer with slices of pizza and fries are what people are eager for dinners. Meanwhile, people with a beer belly are not uncommon, especially among mid-age men. 

I do not want to be judgmental or body shame anyone, but a beer belly can be dangerous to your health because it signifies you have much visceral fat! Here, we summarize exercises to get rid of the beer belly or dad bod. Take a look then take action!

How Beer Belly Harms?

Beer Belly exists because of the increased belly fat. In other words, over-taking food with high calories, like fried chicken, pizza, and alcohol, is the main reason you accumulate belly fat. While men have less subcutaneous fat, the fat men take in is more likely to be deposited as abdominal fat than women.

It is unhealthy to have too much body fat. However, visceral fat is even more likely to increase your risk of health issues, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Apart from taking imaging tests, you can self-check by measuring your waist size. According to WebMD, 35 inches or more is a sign of visceral fat for; 40 inches for men. Remember to resist the urge to suck in your stomach when measuring.

Dad bod

Beer just plays a role in making you intake more food than in normal conditions unconsciously. So drinking less beer does not mean you can get rid of the beer belly. Abdominal exercises and a full-body workout will help you strengthen your core muscles and hold in your belly fat, but losing weight is the only and a must process to lose belly fat. Below are high-efficiency exercises that can help you:

1. Bosu Ball Plank

Doing a plank on a half-ball balance trainer is the next level to doing a plank on the floor. It trains your core strength as you have to try hard to keep balance while exercising.

Plank on a half ball balance trainer

  • Place your ball flat-side down on the floor.
  • Put your hands on the bosu and keep an equal distance apart in the middle of the bosu. 
  • Keep your back flat.
  • Maintain this position for 20-30 seconds and have a break.
  • If you have wrist issues, do this on your elbows instead. 
  • To level up, place your ball dome-side down on the floor.

2. Sprawls

It is a half burpee in the bottom position, which works on your shoulders, core, and glutes, and benefits you in burning calories and fat faster.

Photo: Youtube@Form First Fitness
  • Start at the high plank position.
  • Focus on your abs and drive the feet outside of your hands. (For beginners, you can do it foot by foot, instead of jumping up.)
  • Then with glute activation, you can lift your upper body upright. You can keep your hands in the same position relatively to keep balance.
  • Then bring your hands back down.
  • Kick the legs behind you.
  • And repeat 5-8 reaps a set.

    The Bottom Line

    For beginners, you can start with walking or cycling to commute. Easy exercises like sit-ups and planks are also quite workable. Apart from abs workouts, strength training also helps you in losing weight. Insist on a 15-minute exercise every day, and you can clearly see what you achieve. 


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