Fitness is Something Enjoyable

   I'm a driven and self motivated father.- Taylor

His Routine

Traditionally my workout routine is training on thr track 5-6 days per week and lifting 3 times per week. This was in preparations for Tokyo 2021. After sustaining an injury, now I ride my mountain bike and lift in my garage 3 times per week. 

Taylor Ros

His At-home Workout

I use all the gear possible! Barbells, trap bar, bosu ball, and now my new Ativafit adjustable dumbbells are a great addition to my garage gym to do anything from lunges to DB snatches. This helps with strength and power training for my sprinting career. I use a stationary bike to keep my fitness up when I can’t ride my mountain bike.  

Taylor Ros

How Fitness Makes Him Feel Good

To me, health and fitness is not something that should be forced but something that is enjoyable because you know what it will do for you. For years, I have trained as a collegiate and professional athlete. Now that I just had my baby girl, I workout to maintain my health to be there for here in everything she does for as long as I can. This is more than just working out but eating well to sustain a healthy mind and body!

Taylor Ros


Taylor as an athlete has regarded fitness as an essential part of his life and has learned to enjoy the whole process of working out. We hope he can continue his wonderful healthy life with the accompany of the functional while space-saving Ativafit 71.5lbs adjustable dumbbells. So do his family.

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