6 Healthy and Delicious Food You Should Take While Hiking 

It is time to go out with your friends and family to enjoy a feast of autumn colors for the eyes. However, amidst all the fun, food is a must. 

Amidst all walking, climbing, and playing around, you must keep your energy up – something you won’t get from unhealthy and oily snacks. Instead, you can try out some healthy food options that will taste divine without any harmful effects. 

Some of the best hiking food ideas are:

1. Low-Calorie Pork Pie

Say goodbye to the calorie-laden pork pie with heavy pastry. Your hiking will now be galore with this lighter pork pie option with low calories and no pastry. The picture-perfect pie is made using thin strips of seasonal courgette and plentiful spices.

2. Light Scotch Eggs

Scotch eggs are a classic outing favorite amongst children and adults alike. However, to suit a healthy mood, the recipe can be tweaked by using lean pork and lentils. Bake the eggs rather than making them oily. 

3. Potato Salad

Hiking is incomplete without a potato salad. It is creamy heaven with mustard, bright red onions, and gherkins – a complete carb diet. The salad tastes best if it is chilled for at least 30 minutes. If you want the potato texture, then keep the peel intact.  

Potato Salad

4. Vegetable Olive Wraps

Add more color to the palate with vegetable olive wraps! These wraps are entirely vegan with low calories and will fill the stomach. Besides olives, the wrap has other healthy ingredients like carrots, red cabbage, and basil. 

Want to avoid olives? Use a spread instead! Almond, peanut, or cashew butter will bulk your salad wrap-up while retaining the same amount of nutrition. 

5. Chicken Satay Strips with Nuts 

The chicken satay strips are best served for people to crunch while walking. Serve them crunchy with cucumber sticks and dipping sauces (preferably sweet chili or green sauce). 

They are effortless to make and require minimal prep – just throw in the regular ingredients you have on the shelf with a dash of peanut butter. Make it healthier by baking instead of frying. 

6. Green Beans with Penne Pasta

A hiking meal cannot get any healthier than a green bean salad and a side of penne pasta. It is made with a healthy dressing of tomatoes, oil, basil, and vinegar. 

If you cannot imagine going a day without cheese, then try using 80g of thinly sliced, pan-fried, and protein-rich halloumi. Add some saltiness with Cypriot cheese fried to a mouth-watering golden brown color. 

Green Beans with Penne Pasta

Bottom Line

Children can be fussy about food, and it is hard to satisfy their palate. But if you play your cards right with these recipes, you can make this hiking fun and healthy. You can add these recipes to your regular diet and the children’s tiffin boxes – they’ll be a hit! 


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