Ativafit Half Ball Balance Trainer Bosu Ball

Are you also tired of doing those same routine exercises for your core workout with discipline and still not getting satisfactory results? Do you also find doing these exercises a bit monotonous?

If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then we have the solution to this in the form of the Ativafit Half Ball Balance Trainer. This simple equipment is a must for you if you want to do core workout exercises more excitingly.

Ativafit Half Ball Balance Trainer

What is a Half Ball Balance Trainer?

It is a stability ball cut in half with a flat surface on one side, and a rounded one on the other. Both sides of this equipment are used to perform different movements especially targeting your core muscles group.

Why Core Workout is necessary?

Core muscles are the most important and often neglected group of muscles by any beginner who has just started on their fitness journey. A strong core provides a great framework for your body, which helps you train the other muscle groups more effectively, resulting in a more proportionate physique. It helps in improving the overall posture and the balance of the body.

Half Ball Balance Trainer Plank

Why the Half Ball Balance for the Core Workout?

Our body is very smart in a way that it gets used to the exercise routine rapidly and thus stops showing visible changes after a certain duration of time. What the Ativafit Half Ball Balance Trainer does is that it will make these exercises a bit harder for your body so that you start shedding that extra piece of stubborn belly fat faster and get your desired chiseled core. Moreover, these exercises can be performed with ease by any age group because it is completely safe and fun for everyone.

Exercises with the Half Ball Balance

The list of exercises that can be done with this simple equipment is endless but we would suggest you our top 5 picks for a stronger core:

  • Plank
  • Glute bridges
  • Bird dog crunches
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Reverse crunches

Core Workout

Things to look for while buying a Half Ball Balance

There are many things to keep in mind before you buy a Half Ball Balance Trainer, like durability, use of anti-skid material, and anti-burst technology. Please be rest assured with Ativafit Half Ball Balance Trainer as we have designed our product keeping all these factors into consideration ensuring a smooth and safe workout for all.


So if you were searching for something sturdy for your core workout, this easy-to-use equipment is a must-have for everyone who focuses on losing that extra fat on the tummy and flaunting their 6 pack abs next time they plan a vacation on the beach.

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